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Roxy is a small beautiful Colorpoint purebred Ragdoll Cat with blue eyes and has been in my home for almost 2 years. I got her from good friends and she has been a quiet and wonderful addition to our home.

Unfortunately I am being relocated for work and will be moving around a lot over the next year or more. Roxy is not a cat that could easily relocate without undue stress.
Roxy is mostly quiet (she likes to sing at night) and shy around strangers for a while before warming up. It took her 6 months to start to get comfortable in our home and after 2 years is more of a cat who likes to sit near or next to you rather than in your lap. She likes to sleep in secure dark spots during the day and will explore and in the evening. At night she will sleep at the foot of the bed. She a submissive cat who gets along with other cats and has often had a companion of one sort or another. She’s an indoor cat, but likes to bask in windows or just outside doorways. She loves being groomed and is currently in a Lion’s cut, which is great in the summer heat.

I would be happy to travel up to 3 hours for a drop off as it's important to me to see where she would be going.

Age: 5 almost 6
Sex: Female
Fee: $200.00
Location: Brooklyn NY
E-mail: jeremychernick@gmail.com
Phone: 718-875-0140 (ask for Jeremy) Daytime only

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