****ADOPTED*** Ragdoll Rescue Long Island – Sandy – Ragdoll Rehoming Bohemia, NY

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Ragdoll Rescue Long Island****ADOPTED***

About two months ago, I rescued a beautiful Ragdoll male from the beach at Heckscher Park on Long Island. I believe someone dumped him there since it is a remote location and for days, if not weeks, the cat did not stray from that one spot. It was as though he was waiting for someone to return to get him. But no one ever did.

I call him Sandy, and yes, he got his name before the superstorm. I am unsure of his age but he’s very big which may be deceiving because of his long, luxurious coat and mane. He has claws but does not use them when I handle him. As a matter of fact, though I brought a humane trap for the rescue operation, it was unnecessary because he let me, a stranger, carry him a very far distance to my car with no resistance. When I pick him up it truly is like holding a ragdoll!

Because I have 8 cats already and have recently incurred huge vet bills for two of them, I have been financially unable to bring him to the vet for an exam at this time so I am unsure of his approximate age or if he is neutered. However, I have treated him with flea/tick protection meds twice (once each month). Due to my many cats, Sandy refuses to stay inside for very long so he has been living outside in the woods behind my complex. While my cats have been tolerant of him, Sandy is not comfortable with them, but he’s making progress. I try to bring him in every night for a few hours for a meal and a nap, and I leave food and water outside for him every day.

He is an absolute mush — very lovable and easily handled. He has a spectacular coat, beautiful markings and deep blue eyes. This photo does not do him justice.

I don't want to see him spend the winter outdoors even though he thinks he’s King of the Jungle as he climbs trees and perches himself for a morning of bird-watching. It really is a sight to see.

Ideally, I think he would prefer a home with a yard since being outside seems very important to him. But he also appears very comfortable indoors. He is a gem and he deserves a loving home.

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Update 12/11/12 – Sandy went to the vet yesterday for a thorough exam. Thankfully, he tested negative for feline aids and feline leukemia. He also received his FVRCP, Rabies and Feline Leukemia vaccinations.
It was determined that Sandy is in fact a neutered male and his age is estimated at around 3 years old.   He was scanned for a microchip but does not have one. He weighed in at 12.6 lbs. and my vet said he's very fit. Sandy also got a treatment of Revolution for cats.   So he's in fantastic shape and ready to find his forever home.

Age: estimated at around 3 years old
Sex: Male
Fee: $200 (to be donated to cat rescue)
Location: Bohemia, NY

Ragdoll Rescue Long Island NY

Ragdoll Rescue Long Island NY

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