**ADOPTED** Ragdoll Rescue Delaware – Need a loving home for my kitty

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**ADOPTED** See other Ragdolls listed for rehoming.

I recieved Lu (at the time believed to be Lucy), from a friend of a friend. "Lucy" and my female cat that I'd already had, Arielle, didn't hit it off so well. Arielle has hated him from the day we brought him home. Thus, causing some problems as you could imagine.

I'm now trying to find a home for my little Lubear that can take very good care of him. He's a great cat, but my other cat likes being an only cat and has made that quite clear. He's a lilac point, 10 months old, fixed and has had his rabies and distemper shots. He's pretty laid back, but gets a saucy streak where he wants to pounce and play. Lu loves soft fuzzy things, like fluffy blankets and robes.

I love my cats like they're my kids, and I only want the best for them. Lu needs a loving home, preferably without young children. Contact me with any questions at kirwin@udel.edu

Kitty's Name: Lu
Name: Kate
Where: Delaware

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