Ragdoll Rescue Cats – Resources for Finding A Ragdoll Cat In Need

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Ragdoll books line the shelves, cat gyms sit unused, and a stitched picture of a bicolor Ragdoll hangs on the wall, but the one thing missing is a Ragdoll.  If you desperately want to be the proud owner of a Ragdoll but want to do the right thing by adopting then these suggestions may be just what you need.

The first step is always to check the local shelters and pounds.  Adopting an older cat or one that is simply unwanted will make the cat extra special to you and you are saving a life.  In order to find a Ragdoll at a shelter one should check websites for the shelter, call the shelter to see if any Ragdoll’s are available and make a trip to view the animals.  Ragdolls are often mistaken for other breeds so a trip may be necessary to double check whether a Ragdoll is available.

Make sure if you are adopting from a shelter that you have the animal fixed and find out if it has any special needs that may affect its overall health. This way you can expect a happy life together as owner and pet.  So if you are ready to add to your furry family or searching for the first time try to rescue a Ragdoll and give him or her a forever home.

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