Ragdoll Rescue Cats – Resources for Finding A Ragdoll Cat In Need – Part Two

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As mentioned in previous posts, rescuing a Ragdoll can be a rewarding experience. There are several ways in which a Ragdoll may be found.  If you are one of those special people who choose to adopt a Ragdoll in need then hopefully this blog will help you begin looking.  While the pound or local shelter may be the obvious option and may be the starting point there are other ways to adopt a Ragdoll who needs a forever home.

One way to find a Ragdoll may be to call breeders who may have aging cats whom they no longer wish to breed.  Often these cats will be sold very cheaply or adopted into a forever home.  Calling breeders that are not in your area is also an option as often shipment of the Ragdoll can be arranged.

Another option is to visit boards such as this one that list Ragdolls that need a forever home. Even visiting sites like Petfinder can help you to locate a Ragdoll.  Request photos as many Ragdolls are mistakenly listed as Himalayan or other breeds. No matter how you go about rescuing a Ragdoll the important thing is that you are creating a forever home and your new cat will thank you.

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