Ragdoll Rescue Baton Rouge, LA

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Floppycats.com received the following information from Sandra DiTusa,

“The vet we work with has three Ragdoll cats that are no longer wanted.  I believe they are from a litter that the breeder did not adopt out, and wanted to get out of the “business”.  The vet has offered to take them in and house them until they are rescued or they need the cages they are in (eek!).  She said she would spay and neuter them for free if you were to take them to adopt them out.


Please let me know if you can help these poor kitties.  I don’t have any other
information on them.  I looked at them when at the clinic and they did not look old, were beautiful.  I am not sure of their age.

The only story I know of about these cats is that they were from a breeder and the breeder decided not to breed anymore, and gave the remaining cats to her vet.  The vet has not been advertising for the cats, and just yesterday she mentioned that her clinic is so busy, that she may need the cages they are in, so!  they need to be adopted.  With that said, this vet is the most animal friendly vet.  She is a low cost clinic, and she takes all of the hard luck cases and barely charges anything for animal welfare groups.  She is just wonderful.  So, the cats are getting great care, she just wants them to find a great home.”

Spay Baton Rouge



This is “Brat”.  He is very very social, and sweet.  He wants attention so badly.  He purred and purred and purred when I was patting and scratching.

He is fully vetted, has a skin condition that is easily treated according to Dr. Suzy, yet didn’t know if she would be euthanizing him or not, so she did not want to treat him until she knew whether he was going to have a forever home before treating.


He is two years old and will be fixed for free.

The first picture is of him and his *beautiful* blue eyes.  I mean beautiful.  His markings are just gorgeous.  The second is Brat looking at his sister Shelly who was crying to be petted as well.  She so wanted attention while I was playing with Brat.  The last picture is of Brat stretching, too cute.



Next I played with Shelly.  She so wanted to be played with when I was playing with Brat.  When I opened her door she went right to my hand and sniffed it.  When she moved back a bit, I went to pat her, and she got scared.  Whenever I went to pet her she wanted me to pat her, yet something was holding her back.


I asked the vet tech, who takes them out and plays with them each day, and said that Shelly and Sarha are sweet to her, and probably takes time to warm up to people she does not know.  She is two years old, fully vetted, and will be fixed for free if she is adopted.  She does not have a skin condition and her coloring is quite unique (to me) and adorable.


The first picture is her saying, yes I want you to pet me, and wait, who are you again?  The second picture is her warming up to me a bit, and peaking outside her cage thinking “there is actually life outside this cage?”  and the last picture is her back in her cage thinking “how dare you not play with me more, did I say I wanted to go back in?”



Sarha let me pat her, and she was very shy.  The vet tech she is not shy with her at all.  I think this kitty wants someone to love her, and is a bit more shy than Shelly.  She needs to get out of the cage and be loved.  That is what she truly wants.

She is two years old, fully vetted, and will be fixed for free.

The one picture I am sending is the best one I have of her sitting in her bowl (she did not get out for me).

Sarha does not have any skin conditions and her whole body is the coloring of a long haired siamese.  Just gorgeous.

All three kitties have blue eyes.  I am assuming all pure bred Rag Dolls do, yet thought I would mention, just in case that is not a correct assumption!

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11 thoughts on “Ragdoll Rescue Baton Rouge, LA

  1. Kathleen says:

    There is a ragdoll at the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter on Ames Blvd. in Harvey La. who is so sad she is not eating. Please contact me if you can help! thanks.

    • Peggy says:

      I have a friend in Louisiana who needs a new home for a very gentle, loving ragdoll. If you are interested, please write back with your information.

      • Katherine says:

        I am interested! I am in Lafayette, La. Do you know why the kitty needs a new home? I have a 3 yr old little girl and a senior min schnauzer. He is slowing down and she wants a friend. I was a vet tech for many years and was offered a ragdoll for bottle feeding and caring for the entire litter. I turned it down and have regretted it ever since. Could you send pics? My email is [email protected]

  2. judy gautreau says:

    i want a KITTEN ,siamese, ragdoll anything in this breed. MY Spanky 18 yr old passes Dec 23rd. I miss my cat ,just knowing he was in the house was a comfort. .I am now ready to give my love to another baby.

  3. Dawn says:

    I live in New Orleans and would be intrested in giving one of these babies a home.. if they are still available please comment back. thanks

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