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Last Updated on August 22, 2021 by Jenny

Re-homing RagdollsFloppycats.com is an informational website about Ragdoll cats. Often times, I get inquiries from people looking for Ragdoll Rescues.

Whether you are an individual or a Rescue Group, I am happy to post any purebred Ragdoll cats or any Ragdoll “wannabes” on my site for free – that way, the kitty will get more exposure and hopefully find his or her forever home more quickly. If you need to re-home your kitty or adopt out a kitty, please feel free to use the form below to list out all the details.

I also strongly encourage you to also list your kitty on your Facebook page (in the post, ask your Facebook friends to cross post the link for you) and on YouTube (videos really help people see the true personality of your kitty) – when doing so – be sure to include all details that I’ve asked for below. Sending out an e-mail to all your friends with the details and asking them to forward it to anyone that might be interested is a good idea too.

You can also list your kitty on Floppycats.com’s Facebook page. YouTube is an excellent resource when adopting a cat – lots of people can learn more about your kitty from a video – it’s a way to truly capture your kitty’s personality – and then you can easily link to that video when you cross list your kitty on Facebook, Craig’s List and on sites like mine.

Be sure to include a description of the cat.  Here are some questions to consider when talking about their personality:

  • Does your kitty like to be inside?
  • Does your kitty like to be outside?
  • Is your kitty a lap cat?
  • Does your kitty purr?
  • What are your kitty’s quirks good and bad?
  • Does your kitty have an average temperament, submissive temperament, or dominant temperament?
  • Does your kitty sleep in bed with you?
  • Does your kitty like water?
  • Does your kitty follow you around?
  • Where your kitty’s favorite place to sleep?
  • Is your kitty lazy?
  • Is your kitty playful?
  • Does your kitty like to be up high?
  • Does your kitty like cat trees?

Also, be sure to include a reason for the rehoming as well as your contact information – age of the cat, whether or not s/he is declawed, neutered, etc. all helps.

I highly recommend asking for an adoption fee and require you ask for one in order for your kitty to be listed on my site.

Here’s why:

  • When you have to pay for something, you tend to be more responsible with it
  • it keeps your kitty from becoming food for a snake
  • it keeps your kitty from becoming bait for another kind of animal
  • if someone can afford $200 for your kitty, then they can afford all the other things that come with owning a cat – vet bills, litter costs, food costs, etc.

Any true animal lover will have no problem paying an adoption fee. Someone that knows what it costs to take care of a cat, will understand why you are charging an adoption fee and someone who wants your kitty will pay it. You can always donate the adoption fee to a Ragdoll Rescue, a local shelter or to your vet clinic for strays that they receive in, if you aren’t comfortable keeping it.

Wondering how the posting is going to look? Check out this Ragdoll Rescue listing.

Once the kitty is adopted, we can remove your contact information from the listing – but your kitty will remain on the site indefinitely.

I have helped adopt out several Ragdoll rescues through my site, so I hope you will take advantage of this free listing service.

If you are wanting to adopt a Ragdoll Rescue, please feel free to visit the current list of adoptable Ragdoll Rescues on our site or for more suggestions on how to find Ragdolls needing rescue near you, please visit our Ragdoll Rescue page.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.


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