Ragdoll of the Week: Request for Submissions

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My mom's Caymus who exudes fabulous-ness
My mom's Caymus who exudes fabulous-ness

As of right now, I do not have a Ragdoll of the Week submission for Monday.

I know everyone loves to read Ragdoll of the Weeks, but without submissions, it is difficult to have them.

If you have considered submitting your kitty for Ragdoll of the Week, please follow the Ragdoll of the Week Guidelines.

To see examples of Ragdoll of the Week – check out this link.

There are no requirements per say other than your kitty needs to be 1 year old when you submit she or he.  If you have a Ragdoll Kitten, then you can submit she or he for Ragdoll Kitten of the Month.


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  1. hi I have a seal point ragdoll that was rescued. Her birthday was in October, though I don’t remember what day. Her name is Fluffy and she is ten years old. I’ve had this cat since she was a kitten and she’s always been very affectionate. Surprisingly, I have a fishing pole feather toy, but she prefers the stick rather than the feather. Her favorite toy is the red laser light though. This video shows her playing with the laser light

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