Ragdoll Kitten Question For Dr. Jenn

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You may have read the post Introducing Guest Vet Dr. Jenn – she is a Ragdoll breeder and also a vet that has been practicing for 17 years!

I’ve already received a number of questions for Dr. Jenn.  Here’s the first one that came in from Rebekah:

“I recently picked up my ragdoll kitten from the breeder, about 4 weeks ago (he is 14 weeks old). He has settled in well with our two other pets, a 1 year old Brittany Spaniel and a 1 year old domestic shorthair that we adopted from a shelter. My question is about his reaction when we pick him up. Whenever my husband or I pick him up, he cries. If we pick him up by the scruff of his neck, he cries less, but he still cries. I thought this would stop once he got settled in and comfortable with us, but it hasn’t. He’s been checked by the vet, who didn’t think anything was wrong. Why does he cry when we pick him up?”

Dr. Jenn’s response:

“Assuming that your kitten doesnt have fleas or any other skin condition, the issue is most likely behavioral. Little kittens get scared if their feet are dangling in the air so you can try wrapping him in a towel when you pick him up and see if that helps.”

Readers, do you have any other suggestions for Rebekah?  Please feel free to leave any suggestions by leaving a comment on this post.

Do you have a Ragdoll cat behavior question or another cat related question for Dr. Jenn?  Please use our contact us form to submit it and we’ll pass it onto Dr. Jenn.

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  1. Thanks Dr. Jenn. I actually started using your suggestion right away, and it made a huge difference! I had no idea that supporting the feet made such a big difference, but it does.

    Thanks again!

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