Ragdoll Kitten Mink

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In the photo below you can tell the difference between a Ragdoll kitten mink in color and the other colored kittens. A mink color is much richer in color and will be darker upon birth, whereas the other colors are mostly white in appearance and achieve their colors later on. The Mink Ragdoll is a very striking looking cat because the contrast of colors of the cat’s coat are so dramatic. To learn more about the Ragdoll Mink Cat, go to Floppycats.com’s Mink Ragdoll cat page.

Mink vs. Other Colors

The kitten below is named, Moses-Simba. He is one of the most beautiful mink Ragdolls that I have ever seen. He is owned by Brenda Hart in Jasper, TX.

Ragdoll Kitten MInk

Another fantastic source of information about the Mink Ragdoll cat is on the following website.

Do you have more information about a mink kitten or have photos you’d like to share with the readers of Floppycats.com? If so, please contact us about your mink Ragdoll kitten information or photos.

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