Ragdoll Congress in Denver

Post Published on October 6, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Shirl's Kitty Marley
Shirl's Kitty Marley

Although I love Ragdolls to pieces, I am not a big cat show person.  I think I could get into them, but I have not had great experiences with them – people seem to be rude, cold and just generally annoyed with anyone that is excited about their cats.

So as a result, I haven’t stayed on top of many of the ongoings when it comes to Ragdoll Cat Shows, but Shirl, a Floppycats.com reader and a member of our Yahoo! Group posted the other day whether or not anyone had been to the International Ragdoll Congress Cat Show in Denver Colorado.

I was a little embarassed that I didn’t know what it was, especially since I have a websitea ll about Ragdolls.  However, I have decided that I shouldn’t be embarassed because my experience with Ragdolls has been with them as pets and while I appreciate the folks that like cat shows, I am not sure if I will ever get into them. 

I do know there is a lot to learn from breeders and people that are into cats through cat shows.

I was interested in Shirl’s visit, though, so she shared some photos with me and I asked if I could share them with you guys.  Denny Dayton, one of the original Ragdoll breeders, made an appearance and Shirl had some photos taken with him.  Here they are:

Shirl, Denny Dayton and ?
Shirl, Denny Dayton and ?
Shirl and Denny Dayton
Shirl and Denny Dayton

Thanks to Shirl for sharing your visit with us!

Did you go to the Ragdoll Congress?  How did you like it?  Did you meet Denny Dayton?  Share with me and others more about this stuff to see if we can get into it!

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3 thoughts on “Ragdoll Congress in Denver

  1. Donald W Earle says:

    I’ve known Denny for 30 years . I carpooled with him to Pac-Bell in Sherman Oaks Ca. for ten years from 1980 to 1990. He is one of the nicest , kindest people that I have ever known. We still keep in touch , though I moved to Hawaii in 1990 & am still there. Hang in there Buddy ,

  2. Christina @ ilovefetacheese says:

    I totally agree with the poster…people at cat shows can be sooo cold. I understand their competitive spirit, but wouldn’t you want to give people a positive impression about being a cat breeder? Truly something I do not understand…great idea with the congress!

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