Ragdoll Cats Florida – How To Find a Ragdoll Breeder in Florida

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When it is time to obtain your first or your next Ragdoll the number of choices may be overwhelming.  Assuming you want a registered kitten then your first step is to choose a breeder.  Finding a breeder can be difficult and the search is always best started online.

The search may become overwhelming but by doing a specific search the right breeder may be found.  Search specifically for Florida breeders if you are in the area or for a surrounding area if none can be found. One must also decide whether the newest addition to your feline family will be a show cat.

If a show cat is desired then one should make sure the breeder is recognized by TICA (The International Cat Association) and/or for CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association). You can also check the breeders track record as far as winning Ragdolls.

If the Internet offers too many responses ask friends for recommendations.  Many breeders would be happy to offer a tour of the facilities or send photos of available kittens upon request.

For further information or ideas on finding a breeder check out the Ragdoll blog.

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