How Ragdoll Cats Ash and Addie Respond to Unboxing of iRobot Roomba 805 from Costco

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My sister Amy watched my Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg, in November for a few weeks when I went to Albuquerque (one of my favorite places on the planet).  And when I was getting ready to come home, we were on the phone – and she mentioned that the house needed to be vacuumed.  I told her not to worry about it.  And she said, “Jenny, I am not leaving your house like this.”  And then I said, “Just run the Roomba while you do something else.”  About an hour later, she texts me, “OMG, that thing is amazing! It’s all vacuumed and I didn’t have to do anything.”  I laughed, and realized she had found a new love  I wish I had experienced a Roomba like Amy did the first time.  I always just wondered if it worked….and bit the bullet over a year ago to see…and figured it was a Costco purchase, so I could return it in 90 days if I didn’t like it.  And I could also feature it on Floppycats, if I did like it – and well, obviously, I did like it and posted a review last year.

I do love the iRobot Roomba – and now my sister does too – as she has one of her own thanks to my parents’ Christmas gift.

Here’s the unboxing video we did of Ash and Addie responding to it when it was turned on for the first time:

Buy the iRobot Roomba

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  1. BIG CONGRATS to Amy on her AWESOME Christmas Gift!!! Wonderful post & video, Jenny!!! Ash & Addie’s reactions were amazing and fun to watch!!! Addie is SO BEAUTIFUL & BRAVE for sure!!! Ash is just so Ultra Cool about it all!! So cute!!! 🙂 <3

    Very smart not having it run on a schedule to avoid those awful Roomba horror stories about "spreading" accidents all over the house. Excellent point! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    P.S. Between the Litter Robots and Roombas, The Dean Sisters' kitties are very well adapted to Robot Co-existence (even if Chiggy does hiss at the Roomba now and then…lol).
    🙂 <3

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