Ragdoll Cats And Summer Heat Question For Dr. Jenn

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Trigg In The Summer Heat
Trigg In The Summer Heat

Sue, a Floppycats.com reader, had the following question for Dr. Jenn:


“How much heat can they stand in this weather?  At what temperature does the cat become stressed?”

Dr. Jenn replied:

“Heat related injuries are more common in Brachycephalic (or short nosed) dogs and cats- such as Pugs and Persians. Most Ragdolls have longer noses so they can tolerate more heat in general. You have to keep in mind though that pregnant animals and breeding males are also more likely to have problems or breeding dysfunctions if their core temperatures get too high.  If you have a healthy Ragdoll who has always had outdoor access with shade and cool, clean water is  then the heat shouldnt be a big problem.”

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One thought on “Ragdoll Cats And Summer Heat Question For Dr. Jenn

  1. Ron Kennedy says:

    I have a ragdoll cross (I believe); it strayed up nearly 2yrs ago(Oct10) he is what I think is a 2 1/2 yrold bi color/point/lynx large-not fat 16 lb. if there is such a thing? My question regarding his allergy situation, since he sneezes in bunches(multiples in a few seconds) and does this in a stop start fashion for a few minutes. My vet gave him a shot(steroid type) at beginning of spring in Houston. Tx. early Mar-12 and the sneezing subsided but resently June-12 it is back so I will get another for him. I worry this is caused by a shorter nose than is normal to breed and also worry I might be allowing too many steroid shots if I have to go with 2-3 shots a year. I do not know anything about cats history being a stray, so he could have allergies or this trait maybe common to the majority breed of his make-up. I do know that his breathing became congested and labored before first shot and cleared up after. Please give me any info or suggestions regarding his health and breed traits.

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