Ragdoll Cats and Spring Shedding Question

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Two Ragdolls on a bedA reader recently wrote in and said, “I love my 2 fluffballs to death, but as spring approaches, there is now fur flying everywhere – in my morning coffee, my afternoon tea, and my evening meal! Would love for you to do a piece on how to cope with the shedding and the fluff.”

Of course, my suggestion was vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.  Of course, brushing them daily would be ideal too.

Truth be told, I really want a Rainbow vacuum because I think they would be ideal.  After you are done vacuuming, you can leave it running to collect particles or hair floating around in the air.

What are your suggestions?  What do you do during a high shedding season?



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18 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cats and Spring Shedding Question

  1. Lisa says:

    I vacuum everyday with my shark pet vac,its great for clean up of fur.But the boys constant fur balls is just a constant chase and brush job,but the cute furry pants walking in front of me down the hallway every morning is so worth it.I call them my cute little bears.The cutest thing about a Ragdoll,is the furry jeans,I call them,some say pantaloons,I say furry jeans makes a true Ragdoll.Luv them all.Have a good evening to all Dolls and Doll Lovers,Lisa Ceasar,and Murphy Bo Dee!

  2. Analise says:

    Ohhh see this is why i’d like to see a review from Jenny about the FURminator. My kitten Mika is a Russian blue (mix?…mostly Russian, we don’t know for sure) and she has a good undercoat but I can already tell spring is in in the air.
    I’ve followed a lot of the floppy cat reviews on what to buy, and would like to see this thing in action!

    Please review the furminator on your ragdoll boys and boots too so we can see a long and short hair review, if possible

    Furry Hello to everyone from Mika, she is sitting next to my laptop supervising my email writing abilities. hahaha

  3. Angela says:

    I use the Furminator brush. It is amazing and worth every penny. I brush my Marvin every day with it. He loves it!

  4. patricia says:

    my philosphy is this.. love me, love my cats .. and eat cat hair if you come to my place for dinner and expect to go home with it on your clothes!! when i die and they cut me open they will find cat hair in my blood, brain and lungs..haha.. you have a cat, you have cat hair, you have a long hair cat, you have even more hair. i have thought about clipping my fuzzy cat but i know he would be embarrassed. so i vacuum more, brush with the shedder more. last summer i clipped him just on the spots that seemed to shed the most.. around his chest and back flanks and on his sides. i didn’t clip it short, just ran the clipper through is a couple of times. he seemed to actually like it and he didn’t look too weird. yeah i wish i knew someone that spun.. i would love to have a cat hair sweater. if you had the soft, cotton candy fluff hair, it would be like angora …!! would feel wonderful and i bet would be very warm. i don’t know.. i don’t worry about it that much.. the cat hair, that is. if you don’t want cat hair, you get a cat that doesn’t have much. i love my fluffy, fuzzy pants boy and just deal with his poofs that are all over the place every year. he’s sooo worth it.

  5. Patti Johnson says:

    Funny you should mention this as I was just thinking about all the cat fluff one little (?!) Miss Pink Sugar can generate earlier this morning as I was cleaning the upright fan I have running in my living room. As I was wiping down this fan, I realized that it’s time to dismantle it once again and run the washable parts through the dishwasher. Ugh. So much fluffy schtuff! Argh!

    What?! Rainbow vaccum? I’ve never heard of this. And….now I want one after checking it out via the link you posted. It’s on my Wish List but it will take a long time before I could ever afford one. Sigh… Wishing… 🙂

    My best tools during this time of the year are vacuuming often and wiping down everything else (including upholstered furniture) with a damp cloth. Oh, and brushing my little gal!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 (who sez “I hepz my Momz by eetin’ az minnie ov deez yummee fluffies as I kin! I doan unnerstind why herz groanz and moanz when I duz dis.”)

  6. Robin says:

    I’m glad this topic was brought up, because my girl just began her spring shed just days ago. It’s still freezing out where I am, but the days are getting longer, which probably has more to do with it. I brush her every day without fail. I’m still using her “winter” slicker brush (it has longer teeth), but when she has shed enough I’ll use her “summer” brush. I vacuum “her” areas daily (or almost daily), too. A funny side issue: a real cat lady told my husband that if you cut too much hair from a cat (e.g., a lion cut) the cat can die of shock. This sounded preposterous to me, so I asked my cat’s vet. She agreed with me. (Maybe the cat looks in the mirror, hates the cut, and dies of embarassment?) 🙂

  7. Teresa says:

    Well, was wondering when we were to have this conversation because I just got a book called, “Crafting with Cat Hair,” and wanted to share that with everyone. Haven’t made anything yet because it came about a month ago before the shedding season. There are little projects in there to make a finger puppet, cat pin that looks adorable, etc. You start by collecting the hair (and now I have a bunch), then wash it a certain way and it felts. Then you work with it from there.
    Like that the author of the book is a responsible person and wisely tells people not to brush their cats more than once a day and not to keep on brushing them if they don’t like it, etc. Even says not to brush too hard which I thought was very kind of her.
    So, for now, the owners of all this cat hair we collect, here is a great way to do something crafty with it.
    Here, we have 3 different types of shedders. Mariposa – the Maine Coon, sheds a huge amount and looks really small when her shed is over. Now, Illaria Rose, the lynx mitted RD, sheds a moderate amount just like other RD’s, and then Olivia Grace, the sepia RD, has such a silky and different type of fur that it doesn’t really shed that much.
    They all get brushed every day and am collecting all that cat hair in a drawer. If someone mistakenly opened it, they would probably have a heart attack thinking that some crazy animal is in there! So happy shedding to all the other RD owners – we can now make something pretty out of all that excess hair!

    • lynn brannon says:

      i m so happy to read this! i thought i was the only kook saving my cats hair to felt something. i ll be getting a lot more with shedding season in full swing,especially from a Ragdoll baby and a Maine coon. now to learn the art.

  8. Nancy H. says:

    We take a short drive to the groomer. Both my “babies” get a lion’s cut for the summer. One definitely needs it, not so much for the other, but I wouldn’t want either one to feel “left out”and/or self conscious. I definitely wait for the warm weather. However, this does not replace our usual brushing and vacuuming but definitely cuts down on the shedding.

  9. Janet Knowlton says:

    Oh yes HAIR! What drives me batty is I keep getting just one fine hair in my eye like every day. Takes forever to get it out! I vacuum every day because I have hardwood floors and can see every hair. With 2 cats and 2 dogs it’s a necessary chore. I really do hate it though.

    • Kimberly H says:

      I use a dampened q-tip to remove the cat hairs from my eyes. Like you, every day and sometimes more than once. I carry q-tips in my purse and car with a magnifying mirror. It’s not so much fun. 🙁 Good thing I don’t wear contacts. 🙁

  10. Dementia Boy says:

    Brush, brush, brush, brush, brush. And then brush some more. Later, brush again. Finally, brush.

    The good thing about Ragdoll fluff: You can see the little dandelion clumps on the floor, your keyboard, your coffee. Not so with silky longhaired cats or shorthaired ones.

      • Dementia Boy says:

        Ewww…I know I don’t have fleas where I live, but I’ve heard rumors of ticks. Still, since I’m out in the woods and the cats are in the greenhouse frequently, Jolie taunting the coons with “Your mama wears combat boots, ” wouldn’t I know if I had ticks? No scabby bumps or scratching.

      • Kate says:

        Please talk to your vet about putting your cat on a monthly flea and tick preventative!! They should not have to suffer. Ticks carry Lyme disease.

  11. Kate McTrusty says:

    ‘Tis the season for fur! We just stick with lots of brushing (regular brush and the ZoomGroom) and lots of vacuuming. We’re lucky in the vacuum department – both my husband and I work for vacuum cleaner manufacturers. (Different ones!) We have a lot of vacuums at our house…there’s even one dedicated to the litterbox area.

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