Ragdoll Cats and Boobs: Does Your Kitty Knead on Your Boobs?

Post Published on December 27, 2012 | Last Updated on December 2, 2014 by Jenny

Charlie laying on meRagdoll Cats and Boobs: Does Your Kitty Knead on Your Boobs?

When I was a little girl, Rags would always nestle up to my mom in the morning and knead on her boob (when she had the time to actually lay there for 5 minutes). I was always envious because Rags was never outgoing-ly affectionate other than when he wanted to knead. So as a little girl, I was jealous that I didn’t have to offer what Rags wanted!

However, later on when I did, he never did knead my boobs. However, Charlie and Trigg definitely do! But it makes me wonder something – Charlie and Trigg are now Rags’ age when he was doing this to my mom. Since Rags seemed to outgrow it, is it something that they out grow with age? Trigg switches between boob and upper arm (let’s just say mine aren’t toned).

So divulge ladies! Does your kitty knead on your boobs? (I am not attempting to make this sexual at all – so please know that I will delete any sexually related comments.)

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49 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cats and Boobs: Does Your Kitty Knead on Your Boobs?

  1. Sylvia Mohr Bartlett says:

    You folks who talked about looking like you had a rash are sooooo lucky you didn’t have my doctor. I had a rheumatologist from when I was pregnant with my son until when he was 38 (lost him thanks to Obamacare…hate it!–the doctor, not the son) and I think he must have been a dog person. He knew that I had had arthritis in my spine since I was five years old (juvenile onset rheumatoid arthritis)…but everytime he saw my love marks from my cat he’d shake his head and say, “Cat Scratch Fever….it can cause arthritis.”
    Uh, doc, I got my rheumatic fever when I was a kid from my dog, (Lady, she was a cocker spaniel and looked exactly like Lady from Lady and the Tramp…hence the name) NOT a cat…okay? So….doubt it!

  2. patricia says:

    maybe because you didn’t have them when rags met you, he never thought that you had any. that’s my guess anyway. cats that fluffed on my boobs always did it. i don’t remember them growing out of it. whatever was soft is what they fluffed (that’s what i call it) on. and yes they would do the upper part of my arm.. that fat part.. grrr. that hurts when they do that. i love to watch them do it though, it’s so cute, they are like little baby kitties and their faces look so serious. i love that picture of charlie.. he looks like he is “fluffing”.

  3. Mary says:

    My four month old Amos started kneading me and I was able to get him to take to his blanket. Now he kneads his blanket every night to go to sleep. Now, understand, that is a blanket and a kitten under the covers, against my stomach and I’m doing the hot flashing thingy. I have to just sweat until he gets ready to stop then he will place his head on my arm, I can then move the blanket out and we go to sleep. If he gets rowdy during the night I can generally grab him and the blanket and we go through the routine again. Maybe I should have named him Linus! Love, love, love these cats!

  4. Lisa says:

    Lollly Lou My bi color male Ragdoll neads the pillows on the beds and stuff.But he does like to give me kitthiss aka kisses!I put my face close to his when hes in a sleepy cuddly mood and he licks my face 2or3times its just too cute.Never had acat that did that ,something about these waggy shaggy Ragdolls very special.I tell Him what a special boy he is all the time.Hes so well behaved and sweet he does not like too hear anyone raise their voice.Hes my first Ragdoll almost 1year old now.Hope to have many safe happy healthy years too come with him.Bless ya all and your wonderful Ragdolls.Bye Lisa

  5. Bonnie says:

    I have a 6 yr old ragdoll, andy who comes to bed every night and positions himself with his head on the pillow facing me, and he kneeds my breasts, neck, and even my face very gently. When his claws get too long it picks so I know to trim them. He purrs and sometimes falls asleep like that. Usually he does this for about 10-15 minutes and then gets up and lies down facing away from me. I call it his cuddling time.

    • Jenny says:

      So cute! Sounds how my Charlie approaches it – but I call it “The Boob Man” time and then he goes and sits facing away from me when he’s done.

  6. Sandee says:

    I think it is because it is the softest cushiest part of our body. Well, my stomach is pretty cushy now too. Mine too will knead my boobs, and now that my tummy is lets say, more “cushy” they like that also. Used to have a cat that suckled my kids armpits. ??? They walked around with wet spots all the time!!

    • Betty says:

      Yours is the only other cat I have heard of that suckles. Andy suckles the wooly lining of his bed when happy. It gets all wet and then hard and crunchy when it dries… I thought it was bad on the bed, but in the armpit! Only kids loved by pets would put up with that! Thanks for the smile.

  7. Laurie D says:

    My beautiful Latte (3yrs) kneads my hair at night and sometimes grooms it. Athos (1 1/2 yrs) kneads anything soft,especially blankets and sweaters, not people,but DON’T touch him. He will stop and leave. Lily (8yrs) will knead my arm,boobs,legs and blankets and is very affectionate while doing it. I should also mention that Latte used to do that when I first got her, then when she had her litter she stopped for 2 yrs. I guess she was to busy. Athos is one of her babies.

  8. Eli says:

    My kitties try to sneak up from kneading my belly to my boobs haha. I don’t let them though. I have fibrocystic breasts so they are often sore and it hurts.

  9. Jerri K says:

    Stormy is also a kneader – but only on my lap, never in bed. He was a kneader from the day I brought him home and will knead me or blankets. Dusty will knead whenever he is near me. Denali has never kneaded me – he’s a snuggler though and loves to lay with me in bed!

  10. Jerri K says:

    I actually have scratches right now on my boobs (and my belly) from Dusty kneading me … it’s how I know it’s time to trim his nails! He likes to crawl under the covers next to me and stretch out and knead anything he can reach. Usually if his nails are trimmed, there are no marks since he kneads through my nightshirt. Since it’s all soft and squishy, I’m sure that’s what he goes for. He’s 6 years old now, and has not outgrown it yet! Holly told me it’s because I have a sensitive tummy (surgery) and he picks up on it and is comforting me. 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      ha ha ha! i totally know what that’s like.

      interesting about the sensitive tummy. when charlie arrived he kneaded my thyroid and at the time i had a thyroid disease (now in remission) – so i think that makes sense!

  11. JLSW says:

    None of our boys do this. We do have these sherpa blankets that they knead on. One side is fleece and the other is a nubby sheep skin, and they love that. It’s like mama’s tummy, complete with bumps! They don’t knead on any other blankets or people.

      • Carol says:

        I got Coco Chanel when she was just 6 weeks old. She would suck on my neck, upper chest and earlobes FOR HOURS ON END when she was a tiny baby; I suspect it was because we took her home much too early. When we first got Chanel, we had this old blanket made out of sort of an eyelet material. We were worried about “accidents” with such a tiny kitty so we used this old blanket instead of the “good blanket”. She ADORED that blanket! In some way, maybe the texture, it must’ve reminded her of her “real” mama…… Since the first night home, she not only kneads my chest (through the eyelet blanket) but she also “nurses” or sucks on it (through the blanket, thankfully). Incidentally, this is also the only time EVER that she purrs: most vexing indeed. She also isn’t a lap-sitter, so “cuddle time” is very special for us. She’s now 5 years old, weighs 12.5 pounds and of course the original blanket was completely in tatters so I had to search everywhere, in the craziest sorts of stores, in order to find her another eyelet blanket; lucky for Chanel, I found one! She took up with the new blanket exactly where she left off with the old one! I have yet to go to sleep at night with a dry blanket (except when I’m on vacation). CC is so gorgeous and sweet that I reallly don’t mind about the wet blanket thing. I thought I was the only person who’s Ragdoll had a boob fetish; I was delighted to hear that I’m in such good company with other Ragdoll owners and I certainly got a good laugh out of this column………………..

  12. Sheila Brown-Blei says:

    Mew Mew crawls every so stelthly into my neck, under my chin…and kneeds until I turn her over and pet her “big fat tummy”. She does this as soon as the lights go out and she thinks I am going to sleep. She is NOT a lap cat, but a “I’ll sit near you if I feel like it” cat. And, “give me a treat now” cat. Talks to me when she has something to say. Comes when I call, and loves to play fetch.

  13. Betty says:

    Great feel-good topic!

    Andy kneads when he is content, but not on me. He jumps into his wooly bed in the front window and begins to knead and purr. Soon enough, he is suckling and drooling on the wool with his eyes closed. He totally zones out. We stand over him and watch, sometimes putting our faces up close to test how unaware he is (he NEVER notices us). He has done this since we first found him (I guess age 5 mos) and he is about 3 years old now. After he has finished his kneading, he freely gives these precious hand-hugs, complete with pressing his forehead into the hand being hugged. There is no doubt this is affection. His bed is full of holes from the suckling but I am afraid to replace it; it has crunchy spots from all the drool but because of the holes, I am afraid to wash it! To paraphrase Prof. Higgins, I’ve grown accustomed to his ways.

  14. Kathy says:

    I got my Ragdoll from a registered breeder when she was about 12 weeks old, so I don’t think she was taken away from her mommy too soon.

  15. Angie Panda says:

    Boyfriends kitten when he first came home (persian silver shade chinchilla) grew a liking to me and climbed onto my lap them started kneading my chest o.0 even gets my boyfriend which is really amusing since hes got no moobs or anything haha

  16. Barbie Heinen says:

    My left upper arm looks like it’s been through a meat grinder at times! LOL! Of course Babsi would choose the most tender part! When she gets tired of the left arm, she jumps to my right side and meows until I turn over on that side…then it’s the boobs! She does this in the wee hours of the morning before it’s time to get up. J-Cat only kneads in his plush little cat bed.

      • Barbie Heinen says:

        Yes she definitely rules the roost! If I don’t get out of bed in the morning when she thinks I should, she starts clawing at the sheets because she knows I’ll get up to keep her from doing it! If that doesn’t work, she’ll go over to the nightstand and start pawing at the blinds! She certainly knows every little trick!

  17. Barbara McWright says:

    My Raggie doesn’t knead on my boobs (they’re probably not plentiful enough . .ha , ha, ha) BUT he really love to knead on my thighs, (which are more than plentiful enough . .hahaha) or my husband’s thighs or abs. Can’t sit down on the couch without him beginning his pleasure. He will be 11 this Spring, so he’s not going to grow out of it! I have a theory, or have heard that the cats that do this were taken away from their mother’s too early. He was adopted from a shelter and I’m sure was not more than 8 wks old at the time.

    • Jenny says:

      Good to know that he hasn’t grown out of it….and you’re funny!

      Hmmmm…interesting theory! Charlie was 12 weeks when he came to me and Trigg was 11 weeks and some change.

  18. Kathy says:

    my kitty Tinkerbell (now 17 months old) PREFERS my boobs! I try to encourage her to knead on my arm, but she prefers boobs. I thought there was something strange about her when she started doing this, but it is our time together. To me her purring is music to my ears! She is definately my cat, she loves my husband, follows him around and rolls up to have her tummy rubbed, but at night – she is all mine! I am glad to hear that other Ragdolls exhibit this trait.

    • Jenny says:

      LOL! Yes, I do wonder if they can “smell” mammory glands or something. Charlie actually nuzzles his face into my boobs and then kneads my arm for like 10 minutes and then nuzzles again. It seems very much like a kitten on a mom’s belly to me. Charlie has a mad purr when he does it.

      • Kathy says:

        I am 67 years old, so there shouldn’t be any mammary scent, I think that it is the softness and the location (somewhat like where a mommy kitty might have nipples). Whichever, Tinkerbell is welcome to knead on me. I really liked the comment about holding onto her cheeks and kissing! When she gets too rough and the nails go in to far, I hold her paws and say “hey little one, that’s MY skin under there”,

        • Jenny says:

          Thanks for the correct spelling of “mammary” – I was too lazy to look up! That’s cute about holding her paws – I grab Charlie’s or Trigg’s and say, “Hey, that hurts!”

  19. Julie says:

    I was JUST telling my friend about this very thing! Mooshu won’t knead any place except my cheeks! He holds my face with both paws & kisses my mouth for a good long while…as long as i can tolerate it…and then VERY gently nibbles my nose…all the while kneading into my cheeks…very gently…no claws!! I will say this about ragdolls & boobs though…there is nothing better than soft bunny like ragdoll fur on bare boobs! Hahahahaha!

    • Jenny says:

      julie, you have a weird relationship with your cat!! “there is nothing better than soft bunny like ragdoll fur on bare boobs” – hahaha! oh man, i love your honesty!

      • Julie says:

        Hahahahahaha! OMG! I swear…it’s not THAT weird! hahahahaha! I can’t be the ONLY one who has ever held her ragdoll that way???!!! Can I be?? Tell me people…Tell me the truth! 🙂

  20. Heidi says:

    My Frankie, a snowshoe not a ragdoll, kneeds my boobs all the time. The last time I had a dr’s appt I had to explain that it wasn’t a rash on my chest but from my cat. My dr said that was the first time she’d ever heard of that!

    • Jenny says:

      LMAO!! That’s hilarious – this morning when Charlie was doing his thing, I said, “Bub! We need to trim those claws!” Wow, I am surprised that your doc doesn’t know about that!

  21. Teresa says:

    You are so funny! So far, at 1 year and then 6 months respectively, neither Grace or Illaria knead on anything. BUT, Mariposa gets up on my husband’s belly and kneads forever (that is not toned either!) ha, ha! Think they must like the elasticity of the surface or something kind of like their mamma’s soft parts. Can’t wait to hear what other people say. BTW – love the pic.

    • Jenny says:

      i thought this was funny too – but also was worried about people being offended – so far only one person has unsubscribed today! I also wonder if people are scared to comment – so thanks for being the first one!

      I wondered that about bellies too – Charlie starts on my belly and then readjusts himself.

      The pic is of Charlie laying on me – but I made it so that there was nothing offensive (boobs) in the photo.

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