Ragdoll Cat Video: German Shepherd Puppy 🐶 and Ragdoll Cats 🐱 in First Week

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Since everyone seemed to enjoy the first 24 hours, I’ve now compiled the first week of videos into one for you guys to enjoy. So pleased and blessed that Parker is “meowed into submission” (like one of our readers, Amanda, said) – a great pup, all in all.

On another note (or perhaps a similar one), do you believe in reincarnation? When I had my session with animal psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick, she said many of her animals had been reincarnated. I’m beginning to wonder if Parker is my parents’ dog, Tucker. Tuck was laid back, great with the cats and previously lived with Caymus and Murphy.

Here is an old video of Tucker at the vet with the resident vet cat, who he had never met:


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  1. Wonderful videos and post, Jenny! I am absolutely head over heels in lurve with Parker! What a great pup! 🙂 <3

    Such lovely compilation video with the interactions between Parker and Caymus & Murphy and Parker and Ash & Addie. I must say once again what a marvelous job the breeder did with socializing Parker to kittehs. He is doing so amazingly well giving them their space but still wanting to satisfy his curiosity by being close to them and the same for Caymus and Murphy. Kudos to Murphy for always being a tad closer to Parker's general vicinity. So hilarious that Murphy did not like Parker getting so close when he tried to get his bottle on the floor near the cabinet. Really impressed with Addie & Ash being so very curious with their first meeting with Parker, too. Amy did a great job with their first introduction.  <3

    And the short video at the end with Tucker and Captain Jack is so cute! Tucker was a GORGEOUS GS, too! Lurve how dark he is! And Captain Jack is ADORABLE!

    Fascinating topic about the possible reincarnation of Tucker through Parker. I'd like to think that reincarnation is possible for all of us as I have a hard time believing that once our souls leave our body then they just float around somewhere mystically or something in a utopian type of place (like Heaven). I like to think that everyone gets a second chance to enter a new life over and over again to keep trying to be a better person. I like to think that we all have lived many lives and some of us are better at recalling them than others and folks gifted with psychic abilities are able to figure some of this out for us. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Oh yes!!! I do definitely believe in reincarnation. When I posted about Peachy, my flame point Ragdoll boy, for the Ragdoll Of The Week submission back in May of 2015, I mentioned about my tortoiseshell cat being reincarnated back into Peachy. I still absolutely believe that is accurate. As Peachy has grown and come into his own, he has proven more and more that he really is her twin. He and I clicked in exactly the same way as Carrie and I did when she and I first met, and his personality, characteristics and all round nature is just so incredibly exactly the same as hers … the irony is unbelievable!!! Instinctively I know that she did not want me to be alone without another pet soul mate when my beautiful babydoll Neme passed away, so I knew that Carrie sent Peachy for many reasons. Peachy rescued Neme at the right time when she became so depressed after Carrie had passed … Peachy was a wonderful caregiver and brother for Neme for the 2 and a half years that she was with him, and after Neme passed, Peachy just seemed to have a way of healing my broken heart … I still miss my Neme so much, and Carrie too … but Peachy enabled me to move so much more easily through my grief with him just being there for me in that same way that Carrie did. Peachy is very much my second soulmate, and although he has Carries traits, he is one huge personality with so many of his own sparkling facets and amazing qualities. He is a rescuer, a healer, a giver, my life and love, and I am so proud, blessed and thankful everyday for him. Carrie couldn’t have sent me a more perfect cat to complete my life ❤

  3. Yes Jen, I completely agree!!! I am 100 percent postive Carrie came back, but in a boys body. I requested to the universe years ago, that if I got another cat after both my girls passed over, then I’d just get a ginger cat from the SPCA, as I always loved gingers (most of them are male), and they were always the last to be picked, plus all the ginger cats I met were so friendly and smoochy. Well, I guess I got heard, but Carrie obviously decided I needed a challenge, and granted me not only a boy version of her, but one with all the spunk of a tortoiseshell, and another Ragdoll as well. Peachy has 5 generations of tortoiseshell in his lineage, and boy was I shocked when I checked his papers!!! I have my hands full for sure, but I couldn’t be happier. He is one utterly adorable boy, and I love him more and more with each day that passes 🙂 So yes, like you Jen, I can accurately say, Peachy is Carrie, and thankfully my family don’t think I’m nuts. Too bad if I am hahaha!!!

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