Ragdoll Cat Ugo Chan on YouTube

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Are you a YouTuber? Have you seen a Ragdoll Cat named Ugo Chan on YouTube? I just love him! I have commented on his videos and hope his owner will consider sharing him on Floppycats as Ragdoll of the Week!  If you’re a YouTuber – please comment and tell his momma that we want to learn more about him!

Here are some of my favorite Ragdoll cat videos of Ugo Chan:

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  1. Yes, I’ve seen Ugo Chan on you tube recently. So pretty. He walks on leash w/harnessing system really well, just like my Ragdoll Mulsanne. Except instead of little white dog, we have giant black Newfoundland dog that blue mitted Ragdoll walks along with. It’s hilarious! Otherwise, he rides in stroller also. I’ll have to try and get some videos.

  2. I’ve seen him like half a year ago first time, and thought god, what a stunning-looking cat!! Truly he is but what is even better, how well he behaves on a leash and how calm and just overall balanced he is! Looks like a happy cat who has everything he ever needs, it’s really a joy to watch 🙂

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