Ragdoll Cat Rescue Kuwait’s Friday Market

A New Path for Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.–Frost

Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue has been rescuing cats from Texas and its surrounding states since 2008, and we will always continue to fulfill that duty, but we have a new mission.

Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue is a registered 501c3 organization with a mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Ragdolls, both purebred and mixes. Over the years, we have rescued cats from all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Through the efforts of our sister rescue, South Texas Persian Rescue, we have come to learn that there are cats outside the United States who equally need our help.

Many cultures outside the United States consider cats nothing more than commodities to be bought, sold, and thrown in the trash when they are no longer wanted.

One of these countries is Kuwait, where the Friday Market exists. Here, puppy mills and kitten mills sell purebred animals for exorbitant prices, but if the animals are not adopted, then they are literally left by the walls to die.


I could but will not post actual pictures of the cats and dogs dead in piles by the wall. If you want to see the reality of this, please visit Facebook’s Friday Market Genocide page where you can view these disturbing images.

Others are bought and then thrown out onto the streets like so much trash. These cats are left to fend for themselves in a world that has absolutely no regard for them.

That leads us back to why we have made the decision to take that road less traveled and help these cats. This will not affect our local rescue efforts at all, but look at what rescuing these cats can do and then tell me we don’t have an obligation to help.

We have already committed to over 20 cats, but we need help to get these cats here safely to the United States where we can rehabilitate them. We already have 11 cats coming the first week of December. How can you help?

  • TRAVEL: Can you help us transport cats? Do you travel? We desperately need people who are traveling to and from the Kuwaiti area to bring the cats to us.
  • Funds: You can donate directly via Paypal to [email protected] We need funds for travel and will need help with vetting. Merlin’s Hope is a 501c3 rescue. Donations may be tax-deductible. We are happy to provide a receipt for all donations.
  • Your support. You know our motto: “We cannot help the cats without your help.” So, please come with us on “the one less traveled” and help us help these cats in need.
    –MeLinda Hughes, Director of Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue

Above are pictures from Kuwait Genocide (a facebook link run by a friend of mine, Leila). Leila has given me permission to use any pictures or videos I wish.

I promised to help the Kuwaiti rescuers anyway I could, including by bringing attention to their plight.


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8 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cat Rescue Kuwait’s Friday Market

  1. Kate Canales Locke says:


    THANK YOU for posting this. I know MeLinda, I’ve visited her rescue in Ennis, Texas. Her absolute heart and soul are dedicated to helping the Ragdoll and Maine Coon Breed. She does an amazing job rehabilitating cats and finding them loving, safe and well vetted homes. She is selfless and loving to these beautiful creatures.

    I encourage anyone who had not designated an organization to receive a donation of 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to assign Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue rescue as your recipient of choice. Simply go to https://smile.amazon.com/ to set it up. It is effortless and you will truly being helping MeLinda and her fosters to continue helping these defenseless cats.

    Kate Canales Locke

  2. Teresa Reid says:

    Oh DEAR GOD! I had no idea this is going on and am horrified for these poor sweet angels. Yes, yes, yes will be glad to help as much as I can. Already changed my Amazon Prime Smile to them. God bless Merlin’s Hope for bringing this to our attention and for doing all they are to help out too. Also adding them to my prayer list for all of them to be rescued and find a way to end this horrible practice in Kuwait.

    • Patti Johnson says:

      Thank you so much, Jenny, for posting such a very important piece of information from MeLinda! <3 <3 <3

      MeLinda, God Bless You and your rescue efforts and all the people involved who assist you in that effort on a daily basis! Just like Teresa, I am HORRIFIED by this information! And…just as sweet Teresa has done, I have changed my Amazon Prime Smile charity selection and am adding all these poor, abused, neglected kittehs to my daily prayer list (you and your organization and the kittehs you are working with are already on my prayers list) for them to be rescued and homed and for this disgusting and evil practice to end in Kuwait. Again, God Bless You for what you are doing and thank you for bringing this truly terrifying practice to everyone's attention.

      Big hugs!

      Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle <3 <3 <3

      • Patti Johnson says:

        I also changed my hubby’s Amazon account to designate Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon as his designated Amazon Smile charity organization. He didn’t even know about Amazon Smile! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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