Ragdoll Cat Plays with Yeowww! Catnip Banana in CatGeeks Cat Cave

Ragdoll Cat Plays with Yeowww! Catnip Banana in CatGeeks Cat Cave

Often times, we end up playing with a lot of the products that we have reviewed together.

If you have followed us for just a short while, then you already know what a fan I am of the Yeowww! Catnip Banana (it was my cat Rags’ favorite cat toy – and it is my all time favorite cat toy because of that), so we usually have one on hand.

Trigg has continued to love the CatGeeks Cat Cave that we reviewed several months ago – and so we have started this “banana game” when he is in the cave.

Buy the CatGeeks Cat Cave

Buy the Yeowww! Catnip Banana

What sort of cat games do you play with your kitties?

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7 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cat Plays with Yeowww! Catnip Banana in CatGeeks Cat Cave

  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Yes, I’m thinking about you guys too in all that Tornado area over there in Kansas. Hoping you are all OK and doing well. Love the video as usual. Chiggy is so funny hissing at his brother, Charlie, who just had to be in the video too. Well, of course he did! Love their interaction. Jenny know what you mean about being thankful for your cats after watching the “Cat from Hell”. Tell you what though, I’ve NEVER seen Mariposa act like she did at her last vet visit. She WAS the cat from hell screaming that bloody murder scream when I took her out of the cage. She even bit me twice drawing blood. Next time, she is going to be fully loaded on catnip before I take her anywhere ever again! Thanks for the great video. The cat cave looks really nice and substantial. Of course the YEOWWW catnip is one of the best ever too!♥♥♥

    • Jenny says:

      rags was always an angel at the vet – until we started to go more frequently. he started to be an ass – the last three years of his life because we went too often (this is me in hindsight). sorry to hear that about mariposa. charlie is a disaster usually now at the vet after his spider bite incident last year.

      • Teresa Reid says:

        Awe, Jenny, you did the best you could for Rags and he knew you were trying to help him. Can’t believe how old he was when he passed away and that is a testament to his love for you, your love for him and great care you gave him. So sorry about Charlie’s spider bite and how it traumatized him having to go to the vet. Seems like they don’t forget at all does it? Thanks about Mari. Am worried what she is going to be like having to go back and forth for her renal failure as it progresses. Not going to be good unless I find a way to sedate her safely. Kitty ganga to the rescue! ♥♥♥

          • Teresa Reid says:

            Absolutely fabulous! Miss Mari has been on the Canna Companion for several months now and she has not had one bout of that bloody urine/pain (interstitial cystitis) since it was started. Lately, she has not felt well, but that is because of her renal insufficiency and her creatinine going up, but the Canna Companion is doing a great job so far. Used the kitty ganga several times when she had some situational anxiety, but don’t give her that regularly. Canna Companion is great because we had all but given up trying to find something to work for her when she was so sick with the IC. She was on a half tab baby aspirin (81 mg), and at first she was taking it every 3 days, but since the Canna Companion, we gradually were able to taper it down. Finally, it is down to every week and last week she went over 3 additional days before she began to show symptoms. Hopefully we can get her all the way off the aspirin eventually. Thank you so much for recommending it Jenny. It really improved her quality of life. It helped her tremendously when all the traditional meds weren’t working. ♥♥♥

          • Jenny says:

            cool – so glad to hear it – please know the offer is still there if you want to do a write-up about it.

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Great, fun post!!! Saw the video earlier on your YouTube channel and lurved it!!! Great Cat Cave and Best Catnip Toy Ever!!! Lurve me some Triggy playing with you in his cat cave!! So cute! And Charlie is such a ham (lurve that about him!)! “What? Camera out? Must be in video!” lol 🙂 <3

    Thanks for such a fun video to watch and for the great information on both products! Hope you all stay safe in all this thundery tornado watch-y kinda weather we are getting today! Hope you and your family didn't get any of that nasty hail earlier!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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