Ragdoll Cat Pictures – Ragdolls in Leaves

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Seal Mitted Ragdoll and Blue Lynx Mitted RagdollDo your kitties play in leaves?  I let Charlie and Trigg outside once a day for about 1 hour and I stay outside with them.  A few weekends ago, my boyfriend and I were in our yard gathering leaves for leaf pickup – my neighborhood recently started a service where they pick up the leaves if you just haul them to the curb. 

As a result, my boyfriend and I rake all the leaves in my backyard onto a tarp and them haul them to the front yard – or he hauls them.  So as we were in my fenced in backyard raking them, I put the kitties in the pile.  Charlie, the seal mitted Ragdoll, loved it, whereas Trigg, the blue lynx mitted Ragdoll, wasn’t as big of a fan.

ragdoll cat picturesDo your cats like leaves? Do you allow your kitties outside?  I still struggle with it – but it is a great way for them to get exercise and get a great dose of fresh air.

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