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Sometimes choosing a cat name can be daunting, especially when it is a feline that will be living with you for some time. If your kitty lives as long as Rags does, you will want to choose an appropriate name for your pet companion.

Seal Mitted Ragdoll, Charlie
Seal Mitted Ragdoll, Charlie

When considering a Ragdoll cat name, be sure to follow these tips:

Tips When Picking Ragdoll Names

  • Front porch test – Every potential pet name must be loudly yelled from the porch before being officially bestowed on any animal.
  • Based on the front porch test, pick a name that is easy to say and call.
  • Pick a name that will grow with your cat. For example, choosing something like “Puffball,” when the kitten is a puffball, will not be applicable when the cat is older.
  • Be aware f your cat’s personality. Their behavior and habits might be a great way to pick a name, like “Snuggles” or “Wiggles.”
  • Pick a name that your Ragdoll can recognize; it has been reported that pets identify best with one or two syllables.
  • Be aware that you will most likely shorten or adjust the name.

Several websites list thousands and thousands of cat names. Some you can even sort by gender and color to get a better idea of what you should call them.

Check out this website for more Ragdoll cat names.

Websites for Cat Names

Since Ragdolls are blue-eyed in color, you might find it appropriate to choose a blue-colored name like:

  • Azul – Spanish for Blue
  • Azzuro – Italian for Blue
  • Teal
  • Bleu – French for Blue
  • Sky
  • Azure
  • Cobalt
  • Indigo
  • Sapphire
  • Turquoise
  • Marine
  • Sea

Alternatively, you can also e-mail us a photo of your kitten, and we will post it on our Facebook page like this one – and ask for Ragdoll cat name suggestions from our readers:

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  1. My husband *tried* to surprise me with a ragdoll kitten for my birthday (He’s terrible at keeping secrets !) Two names stuck in my head, both non-traditional. #1 was Morgus the Magnificent – a New Orleans late night TV personality (a mad scientist) and #2 was Morpheus, the Greek god of sleep and dreams. Morpheus is a beautiful seal point mink mitted 15# boy – tiny considering his dad topped out at 22#s. He is aptly named, considering he slept through Hurricane Zeta AND Hurricane Ida. He’s our little Morphie!

  2. NancyFollett says:

    My guys Name is Frisco he is a white flame point. But his nickname is Sir Flufferbutt because he’s so furry His sister is a mink and her name is Tinkerbell but I call her Tink . There registered names are completely different.

  3. We named our little sweetie Snuggle Bear because my husband said she reminded him of the teddy bear from the Snuggle fabric softener commercial. It has turned out to be the perfect name since she is a snuggler.

  4. I just bought a new (mitted) chocolate point ragdoll kitten! I named him waffle but I can’t come up with any cute nicknames. Do you have any ideas? He’s male and super sweet and gentle.

    1. Waffle is an adorable name! Just let the nicknames come to you as they may – no need to think them up. They just come out of me with mine – they have multiple nicknames.

  5. paulette hoffman says:

    how about “SINATRA’ for a blue eyed male

  6. Liz Ramirez says:

    Hi Jenny. I am in the process of buying my first ragdoll. I had chosen Azure for her name but I sm still comparing names and came across your post and what’s my surprise!!! Azure is on your list. I thought. To share.

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