Ragdoll Cat Lover’s Hotel in New York

Last Updated on September 2, 2010 by Jenny

There are a lot of people who like to bring their pets where they go so they usually stay in hotels that allow pets. A Ragdoll cat who lives in the The Algonquin Hotel of New York City may be one of the most high society cats of her species. Her name is Matilda and for the past 15 years, her August 11 birthday ball is held for the benefit of various cat charities.

Mathilda The Ragdoll Cat of Aloqonquin HotelMatilda has fans but she prefers human guests as noticed since she is slightly aloof around other furry felines but she always sends out gossip on her tweets for her Twitter and regular Facebook status updates with the help of her human assistant.

If you are thinking of bring your Ragdoll cat or any other feline breed with you to New York City, consider checking in at The Algonquin Hotel. There won’t be any additional charge for you to have your pet stay with you and their special pet rooms are outfitted with a cat’s essential needs. If you call in advance, you can get to make arrangements for the kind of cat food that you want, for cat toys available and even a cat nanny. You and your pet might have the best hotel stay ever.

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