Ragdoll Cat Dream Team Quilt for The Ragdoll Congress

Ragdoll Cat Dream Team Quilt for The Ragdoll Congress
Ragdoll Cat Dream Team Quilt for The Ragdoll Congress

You might have read about the Ragdoll Congress – a HUGE cat show in York, Pa, Nov 2,3,4. Ragdolls from all over the world will gather for a 3 day show, information seminars, banquet and friendship.

This is The Dream Team Quilt made by Sharon Shulby of Magnadolz Ragdolls – it is up for auction on the 8th International Ragdoll Congress’ website.

Here’s what Sharon had to say…

“Every Ragdoll on it (72 photos) is a Champion, Double Grand Champion, Triple Grand Champion, Quadruple Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, Regional winner, International winner, Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Outstanding Dam, and/or Outstanding Sire.

Front row center (rows 4,5,6) right in the middle, are the #1+#2 kittens, #1+#2 cats and #1+#2 alters for 2011. The cat on row 5, 4th from the left is Calirags Blue Jean of Cajun Ragdolls, the #1 Ragdoll in the WORLD!!! She is absolutely amazing. Beautiful, sweet and a new Mommy to 7 kittens (including a set of twins!)

The cat below her is Lovestory’s Living The Life of Reilly. The #1 alter in 2010. Unfortunately, Reilly went to Rainbow Bridge at about 2 yrs old.

While, the auction for the quilt for Ragdoll Congress is over, the quilt is being donated back and raffle tickets will be sold at Congress in Nov!

Thanks to all of the breeders/owners of these lovely cats!

The quilt is 8 across and 9 down for 72 Champions!
‘Front row center’ (row 4, 5, 6)
Are #1, #2 kittens
#1, #2 cats
And top 2 alters from 2010 and 2009.

Surrounded by all of the Champions (and higher) whose photos you so generously shared.

Ragdoll Cat Dream Team Quilt for The Ragdoll Congress
Ragdoll Cat Dream Team Quilt for The Ragdoll Congress

The quilt is over 7′ wide and 8′ long.

First, I give thanks to God for the ability He gave me to do this.

Thanks to Peggy Schidler of Calirags for the idea and support.
Thanks to Mary Ellis of Lonesome Pet for putting the photos on fabric.
Thanks to Julie Atkinson for putting this on her amazing quilting machine.
Thanks to our professional photographers (Chanan, Starrlight, Helmi, Audra) for allowing me to use their photos.
Thanks to Ragdoll Congress for gathering us together and Keystone Cats for sponsoring us!
And thanks to all of you, the breeders and owners of these lovely Ragdolls for the privilege of using your dolls!
And to our kitties who are already on Rainbow Bridge, a little prayer for you and those who’s hearts you’ve touched!
And to those I’ve accidentally omitted, thanks to you too!

Sharon Shulby
Magnadolz Ragdolls”

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2 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cat Dream Team Quilt for The Ragdoll Congress

  1. Hairless Cat Girl says:

    Hi Jenny,

    That is one big and beautiful quilt! I bet it took several months of spare time to make it. Depending on how much “spare” time Sharon had, it might have even taken over a year. That’s a Class A quilt.

    The workmanship is excellent and just think – you could be covered in Ragdolls every night or hang it up for a beautiful tapestry.

    I see that the final bid was $500. Very nice and absolutely worth it considering the care and expertize that went into it and how nice it came out.

    Nice share,

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

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