Floppycats – Ragdoll Cat Calendar 2022- Pre-Order Available

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Jenny

Ragdoll Cat Calendar 2022

Ragdoll Cat Calendar 2022 Floppycats Cover

This beautiful 9″ x 12″ calendar features photos of Ragdoll cats striking all their best poses!  One calendar is $24 and if you buy 2 or more they are only $20/each. There is free ground shipping in the US for the calendars – so the shipping cost is already included in the $24 price.

Thank you for your help in making this happen!

Floppycats 2021 Ragdoll Cat Calendar is now available for pre-orders! We will run pre-orders for about a month, then they’ll be printed and shipped in time for Christmas as many of you guys requested.

Order deadline is November 21, 2021!

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Floppycats 2022 Calendar is now available for pre-orders! Click To Tweet

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🎁 Pre-Order Ragdoll Cat Calender 2022

IMPORTANT! This is for pre-order!! All orders will be fulfilled starting the first week of December. Here’s what it looks like inside below.

January 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
February 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
March 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar

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This beautiful 9″ x 12″ calendar features photos of Ragdoll cats striking all their best poses!  Click To Tweet

April 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
May 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
June 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
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July 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
August 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
September 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
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October 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
November 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
December 2022 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
January 2023 Ragdoll Cat Calendar
Ragdoll Cat Calendar 2022 Floppycats Cover
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Cat Calendar 2022

Perfect for any cat lover, this calendar is a great way of managing those important dates in a fun and exceptionally cute way. Each month features a different cat picture so you’ll never get bored of the same one too long. Though looking at them, how could you ever get bored anyway?

Whether you want a calendar for your own schedule or for other cat owners in your family or circle of friends, you can place your pre-order now to get yours shipped as soon as it’s ready. You’ll need to move quickly though, so that you don’t miss the chance to secure yours before they’re printed.

Wall Calendar

With this wall calendar, you can brighten up your home or office space with some really adorable cat photos.

And because they’re shipping at the start of December, you’ll be able to get yours in time for Christmas. So, regardless of whether you just want your own calendar ready before the new year, or you’ve got a few people in mind for a calendar as a Christmas gift, you’ll have yours in time. Buy more than one and you’ll save $2 on each.

This wall calendar makes it really easy to get your monthly fix of cat cuteness, especially if you’re someone who loves cats but can’t have one in your home. Make sure you place your pre-order before the print run at the start of December if you don’t want to miss out.

Family Wall Calendar

This calendar comes pre-printed with major holidays throughout the year, making it easy for you to see what day an event will fall on and plan anything you need to around it. It’s then great as a family wall calendar for keeping tabs of everyday life. Add in birthdays, anniversaries and so on to make sure no event gets accidentally forgotten.

There’s space in each day to make notes about upcoming parties, school events, medical appointments and more. In fact, it’s a great calendar for managing your cat’s everyday life too, whether you use it to plan reminders for stocking up on litter, placing an order for food, or adding in veterinarian appointments, it’s ideal.

You can also use it to keep the family in-line when it comes to chores – pick up a few stickers and you can color code days for different tasks around the home.

Whether you decide to use this cat calendar to manage home life, or just as an excuse to enjoy some beautiful feline photography, you’ll love it.

Thank you, as always, for your support of Floppycats.com!

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2 thoughts on “Floppycats – Ragdoll Cat Calendar 2022- Pre-Order Available

  1. Patti A Johnson says:

    Another SUPER FABULOUS, PAWESOME & STUNNING Floppycats Calendar, Jenny honey! TYSVM for all your hard work (a labor of love, I know!) putting this together! Very well done! I ABSOLUTELY LURVE IT & can’t wait to get mine in December! YAY!!!! #WorthWaitingFor 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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