Ragdoll Cat Behavior During Human Pregnancy

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Ragdoll Cat Behavior During Human Pregnancy
Harlow on Jill’s lap cuddling

Ragdoll Cat Behavior During Human Pregnancy

My cousin Jill is pregnant with her first child.  Jill reports that her seal point Ragdoll cat, Harlow, has become more affectionate than normal.  She’s noticed that Harlow cuddles more with her now. However, her Huck, who is much younger acts just the same as he always had.  Now, Jill has had Harlow longer than Huck, so that might be a factor too.  Harlow is a female cat and is 7 years old.

So I thought it’d be fun to share cat and pregnancy stories.

What do you know about cat behavior during human pregnancy?  Can cats sense human pregnancy?  Have you been pregnant with a beloved kitty?  Please share your cat behavior during human pregnancy stories below!


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6 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cat Behavior During Human Pregnancy

  1. Roxana Iancu says:

    I just found out I`m pregnant but i kinda knew beforehand as my ragdoll Shamus became more affectionate towards me and his son Silverfox more talkative ( i never imagined it`s even possible for a raggie to talk so so much :)) ).Shamus is a 2 years old raggie furbaby with a chocolate seal point pattern who`s never been too keen to let me cuddle him or kiss him much.In the past few weeks he became more attracted to my belly and breasts, kissing me more and purring in my lap( i thought he was broken as he never purred in my lap before) and his son from his first litter Silverfox is a blue lynx terrorist boy who hates being kissed or handled by me.I`m so happy and i will always regard them not only as my first babies of different specie but “my living pregnancy test“.

  2. Melody Shih says:

    I was pregnant with my little one earlier this year. Both Bread & Butter loved to lay against my bump. Bread would also knead my bump. I’m buried under the blanket in this photo, but I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time. Bread was especially affectionate and seemed to realize that something was up. He was definitely soaking up his ‘Mommy & Me’ time before the baby came.

    Ragdoll Cat Behavior During Human Pregnancy

  3. Marissa Wolf Pandiscio says:

    When I was pregnant with my son my ragdoll -Maxwell – would nap with me. He would follow me around. He was still independent but he knew that something was up. When we brought my son home he was so upset with me that he ignored me for about 6 months. He finally came around but it was a big deal for him. I love this post!!!

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    BIG CONGRATS to Jill and your family! What a special time for all of you…welcoming a new, sweet baby into the family is always such a joy!!!

    Unfortunately, when I was pregnant with my son we had a little schnauzer doggie at the time and no kittehs in our home. So, I don’t have any kitteh stories to share. But, I look forward to reading all the other stories to be shared!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  5. Teresa Reid says:

    That is so sweet of Harlow and know that your cousin Jill is in good hands with her looking after her like that. Also, she will probably be a good babysitter to her child when they arrive.

    When I was pregnant almost 28 years ago, my Persian kitty, Benjamin, was very in tune with me and my hormones! He always stayed close by and gave me even more attention than usual just like Jill is reporting. When my daughter, Katherine, arrived, he was very attentive to her. If she cried, he was at her bedroom door trying to see what was “wrong” with her. As she grew older, he became her best friend. He loved to hug everyone, especially kids. He ended up hugging 25 kindergarten kids who lined up waiting for their special hug. I was just holding my breath that he wouldn’t balk for some reason after half of them were done, but he made it all the way and was ready to hug more. That gentle but very firm hug around their neck made them feel so happy and special. Our kitties are our angels. They have proven that over and over many times.

    Please send our congratulations to your cousin Jill. Wishing your family all the very best!♥♥♥

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