Ragdoll Cat Adoption:FOUND cat Cocoa Pines neighborhood

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Ragdoll Cat - FOUNDThis is a FOUND posting. Elizabeth (as we call her) was first seen in Cocoa Pines neighborhood about May 2011 – she was caught and had kittens about June 2011 – she was underfed and malnourished and lost all her kittens. WE have since had her spayed. She is a very charming and personable Siamese Ragdoll cat and I’m sure someone misses her. Unfortunately someone in the neighborhood is one of those people who take in everyones cats – while she denies taking in this cat, we are afraid that Elizabeths previous owners think she is in good hands. Well she was not but now we are taking very good care of her…if you know or have seen this cat let me know!

Age: 3
Sex: female
Fee: $83.00
Location: Cocoa Pines
E-mail: cj7525@yahoo.com
Phone: 321-631-9139

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