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Ragdoll Rescue **OWNER DECIDED TO KEEP**

Age 7 purebread Ragdoll, neutered male Indoor cat.   Clover is used to having his claws clipped and only uses his scratching post to scratch.  He eats only hard cat food and drinks water.  He does not like people-food.  He always uses his litterbox.  He has an average temperament and is a lazy about 75% of the time, but does love when you play with him & his favorite toy, "da bird" feather on a string.  Clover is in need of his "Forever Home" because  I'm unable to care for him.  I have long hours at work and an out-of-home commitment  to helping raise my niece (I am home about one hour per day).  Lately he is a little bit sad and not taking care of his grooming – he is longing for attention!  He loves companionship and sits next to you rather than on your lap.  He is loyal and purrs when he is pet, and likes to sleep by your feet at night.  During the day he'll sleep whatever room you go on his cat condo or cat furniture with a stoop that he can look out of window.   He is a little slow to warm up to house guests but likes to be in the same room as everyone to watch all the action.

Age: 7
Sex: male
Fee: 150
Location: Superior WI / Duluth MN

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