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Ragdoll Cat AdoptionMy name is Star. I am a beautiful, quiet, gentle, blue-eyed, silver pointed 4 yr. old spayed female Ragdoll cat whom my Mom loves very much but is unable to care for any longer. I am a special needs kitty. I have food allergies and require prednisone and the more expensive cat foods so that I do not break out and get infections. My Mom has tried everything to keep me, including selling furniture, her car and used up all our savings. She is very upset over having to send me to someone else’s home but she wants what is best for me. I am a very brave kitty. I was born with a fatty tumor on my neck but it does not require any medication or surgery doesn’t interfere with breathing and is covered by the lovely ruff of my coat. I have had this checked out every year since I was born. I am very independent, like most females, but I like other cats and dogs, women and men. I don’t know if I like little children but I do know I don’t like being picked up and hugged. I have lived indoors all of my life going outdoors from time to time but never alone. I am not declawed. I would like to live in a house that treats me like the princess I believe I am! This will be one of the hardest things my Mother has ever had to do, so she won’t let me go to just anyone. Hopefully someone with a kind heart and soul who has the means to keep me healthy and who can treat me like the "Star" I am will come along soon! Thank you. *Please don’t judge my Mom…she loves me that is why she is trying to find someone who can care for me better than she can.

Age: 4 yrs.
Sex: Female
Fee: $25
Location: Boise, Idaho
E-mail: marieswalkingk9s@clear.net
Phone: (208) 866-5381

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  1. I’m sorry your mom has to give you up, Star. I can see she has been a great mother to you and loves you very much. I would take you in a heartbeat but I’m too far away. I hope you get a another good home soon, maybe near enough your mom can visit you.

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