Ragdoll Cat Adoption: SOLOMON – Ragdoll Rescue Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Ragdoll Rescue CanadaSolomon is a pure bred Blue Mitted Lynx. He is a lovely boy who loves to snugle and give kisses. He is a large boy with a gorgeous coat and spectacular blue eyes. He also has a very loud purrrr and demonstrates it all the time. He is extremely socialand likes to be around his people all the time. He likes to play fetch and wrestles with my children's stuffed animals. He is of course an indoors only cat and never uses his claws. His only downside is that he loves his family so much, that when we travel (I am away for extended periods of time on a regular basis) that he will occassionally pee in my closet to send his message of distress. My work is taking me away more frequently and I feel that Solly would be best in a home where he has the constant love and attention that he so deserves. If you are that loving home, please contact me. Thank you.

Age: 3 Years
Sex: Male
Fee: $200
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
E-mail: [email protected]


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2 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cat Adoption: SOLOMON – Ragdoll Rescue Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  1. Deenie Welsh says:

    I would love to have another Ragdoll
    I had my beautiful Cory for eighteen years
    The only times he went outside were when he was on a harness and lead. He absolutely loved car rides. He also thought it was absolutely hilarious to hide so well he would scare me. If I was gone past the time he expected me home I would be “yelled” at.
    He was so easy to to train and listen very well. I couldn’t get another at the time I lost him because every where I searched there only seemed to be seal point mitted. Not fair to anyone.
    I adopted a Chihuahua instead who I keep telling my next dog is going to be another Ragdoll. Remember when you are told not to let your Ragdoll outside, please abide by that two things may happen, either someone will take your precious baby or they will be run over.
    They are very intelligent. As well they caring. I know my guy was.
    You got to love a Ragdoll!

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