Ragdoll Cat Adoption Philadelphia: Noel – Ragdoll Rescue Philadelphia

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Noel is a pure bred Blue Lynx Point, born 10/05/2005 (official registration papers available). She is a beautiful and affectionate cat. She is a spayed female with beautiful blue eyes. She is extremely social and likes to be around people and enjoys other pets (dogs). She has always been an indoor cat and has been declawed (front only). Her only downside is that she loves her family so much, that when we travel (we are away for extended periods of time on a regular basis) she will occasionally pee in our den. My work is taking me away more frequently and I feel that Noel would be best in a home where she has the constant love and attention that she so deserves. If you are that loving home, please contact me. Thank you.

Age: 6
Sex: Female
Fee: $125 (to be donated to local shelter)
Location: Furlong, PA (35 miles from Philadelphia)
E-mail: shenn123@yahoo.com

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