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Looking for a happy home: Loki

Loki, a beautiful neutered male ragdoll, needs a loving one-cat home. He has a sweet personality, good habits (no litterbox issues, uses scratching post, etc.), and loves to eat and play.

Loki is about one year old, but we don’t have his papers or medical records. He’s not much of a lap cat, but loves to stretch out next to people. Loki has always been an indoor cat, and he is happy to play with cat toys or just hang out with the family.

The only trouble with Loki is that he doesn’t get along well with other cats. We took him in early this summer when he couldn’t get along with an older cat at his previous home, but after trying several behavioral interventions, we can’t get him to live peaceably with our other cats. He stalks them, and charges them when he gets a chance. When we took him on vacation without the other felines, he was perfectly happy. I tend to think he would manage with a dog, and he does well with our kids. Because this is the second time he has had to be rehomed, we are considering only adopters without other cats.

Loki appears to be in excellent health. He does have a small bump or callus on his head; the veterinarian said it is not harmful to his health and could be removed if one desired.

I know Loki will make a wonderful companion! I will miss him very much. Adoption fee will be donated to animal charities.

Age: 1 year
Sex: Male (neutered)
Fee: $200
Location: Northwest Florida
E-mail: 12elves@gmail.com
Phone: 850-252-2467

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