****ADOPTED FAST******Ragdoll Cat Adoption: Nikko & Indy – Ragdoll Rescue Colleyville Tx

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****ADOPTED FAST******

Nikko and Indy are two purebred male Ragdolls that have been together since birth. They are 9 years old, front declawed, fixed, up to date on shots and litter trained. They are inseparable and should never be split apart as they are best friends. Nikko is a Seal Point bicolor, Indy is a blue mitted Ragdoll cat. Both have striking blue eyes and are absolutely adorable. Their personalities will keep you entertained and will humor you constantly. They both love running water and will be at your feet in the morning to turn on the tap for them! Indy will do his little “biscuit making” routine prior to drinking… it’s his way of saying he’s excited! Nikko is the boss during the day then Indy takes over the nurturing roll at night and will wash Nikko. If you have ever wanted a Ragdoll why not get two! Indy and Nikko are perfect examples of the Ragdoll breed. They are soft and luxurious, loving, adorable, humorous, the best friends you’ll ever have! Unfortunately due to a recent move where the owner of the property does not allow animals, we must find a new loving home for Nikko and Indy.


Age: 9 years old
Sex: Males
Fee: $200
Location: Colleyville Tx

Ragdoll Rescue Texas

Ragdoll Rescue Texas

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Ragdoll Rescue Texas

Ragdoll Rescue Texas

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