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Duster (because her tail looks like a Feather Duster) is a beautiful tortie point ragdoll girl with bright blue eyes, about 8 years old. We rescued her from a cat mill four years ago, and she has never adjusted to our boisterous home. She’s a shy kitty, who will sit near you and purr forever. We have 2 young children, and she’s just never felt comfortable when the kids are around. We love this girl so much, but know she needs a quieter home with older kids, or no kids preferably. She is very floppy and very skittish. She does not like visitors and has been known to hide for days at a time when we have overnight company. We have a lot of people coming through our house, since we have young children, and the stress can be hard on her. Duster is otherwise very low maintenance. We brush her periodically, but her fur is like most ragdolls and does not really mat. She has no health issues. She has been spayed, and her claws are intact. She is not current on shots, but we can take care of that if requested. She does not travel well, so we’ve been remiss in taking her outside the home. If she is in a stable, quiet environment, she will shine. She follows me around the house, and sits near me whenever possible. She is not a lap cat, but likes to cuddle near my feet. As long as we’re having a quiet day, she is never far from sight.

Age: 8 years
Sex: Female
Adoption Fee: $75.00
Location: Raleigh, NC
E-mail: caroline@cameronclan.net

Ragdoll Rescue Duster
Ragdoll Rescue Duster
Ragdoll Rescue Duster

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