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Post Published on October 3, 2010 | Last Updated on October 3, 2010 by Jenny


Ragdoll Cat RescueMaggie Rose has been with us since she was weaned… she’s seen 21 children in and out of our home while we fostered, she’s "shared" our home with 4 canines (who also came/went through rehab/ fostering programs) and allowed another kitten into her home for 3 years, who has also been placed with another family. In a way, she has been our matriarch; always loyal, sometimes not so patient, but always understanding. Due to job losses, we’ve lost our home and now it is Maggie’s turn to be rehomed; we are heartbroken. Maggie has lived with dear friends for about a year, and after we "rehomed" ourselves, my husband landed in Florida, I ended up in WI (due to job availability) and Maggie remains in MN. Won’t you please consider giving Maggie a permanent home? Maggie Rose is spayed, declawed in front, loves to play, and will snuggle with you (when SHE’S ready to snuggle – preferably under a blanket – but not under the bed covers). She is a beautiful girl, lovely blue eyes and is smaller than a typical Ragdoll, about 5 pounds. Thank you for your consideration.

Age: 12 years
Sex: Female
Fee: $50 (to be donated to local cat rescue organization of your choice)
Location: Golden Valley, MN

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