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Ragdoll Rescue New York City***OWNER DECIDED TO KEEP***

Kitson is a one year old lilac bicolor ragdoll male. He celebrated his one-year- old birthday on November 14, 2011 (He was born on November 14, 2010). We adopted him on February 11, 2011 at three months old.

We love Kitson very much, but are choosing to have him adopted for multiple reasons. We have a newborn baby in the house and Kitson is not getting the love or attention that he deserves. I am so busy all day with our son, and my husband is at work all day. I have been back and forth about finding him a better home for months, but we recently decided that we are moving out of New York and this made up my mind for me. We are planning a move to Georgia and plan on driving there with a U-Haul and do not want Kitson to suffer in a cat cage for 18 or more hours. Also, we do not have air conditioning in our apartment, and Kitson was very hot last summer with his long hair. We would prefer if his new owner had air conditioning (we understand if that is too much to ask). Kitson has never been around any other animals besides other ragdoll cats such as his litter-mates at his breeder's home. We do not know if he would do well with dogs, or cats of another species.

Kitson is VERY loving, and we want him to go to a home with an owner who will shower him with affection. He is more like a dog than a cat when it comes to loyalty to his owner. He follows me from room to room, and even sits by the bathroom door while my husband shaves his face. He is definitely not the type of cat where you don't know where he is because he is always right by your side! Kitson will even sleep on your pillow if you allow him to. We used to sleep with him cuddled up with us, but we have a newborn baby so unfortunately Kitson sleeps on his own in the living room now. He will even clean you as if you are one of his own. Since he is still young, Kitson loves to play. He has never attacked, and has never hissed once. I don't think he knows what hissing is. He has never intentionally scratched or bit us or broken our skin. He will only nip or accidentally scratch if you are playing rough with him, but other than being playful, he has never done anything like that which is rare in a cat! He never gets angry, not even when I clip his nails or brush him, or wash him in the bath tub (I only did that twice when he was a kitten and he got a little dirty)! Also, he is very good with children. My newborn pulls his hair (by accident), and Kitson does not budge. Of course, I separate them as soon as my son does that.

Medical History: He was neutered at three months old. He has completely received the following mandatory feline vaccinations: Panleukopenia, Rhinotrachetis, and Calicivirus; all were received at 2, 8, and finally 12 weeks old. He also had Nemex 2 at 6 weeks old, and deworming at 9 and 12 weeks old. We chose not to give Kitson a rabies shot because he is strictly an indoor cat, and we do not have Ragdoll Rescue New Yorkany other pets. We have his pet papers to give to his new owner.

Certificates: We have a Pedigree Certificate which lists his family tree/blood line. We also have his blue slip to prove that he is registered with The International Cat Association, Inc. We also have his contract/guarantee from his breeder: Kitson has a two year replacement guarantee against hereditary or congenital defects that affects the life of the cat.

Food and Litter: We feet Kitson Nutro Max Cat dry food, and Fancy Feast beef chunks in gravy wet food. He is very adaptable in changing to new dry food if you do not feel that it is nutritious enough for him. I know that many people prefer higher end grain-free brands and I'm sure he would enjoy it more. When it comes to wet food, he loves his chunks in gravy and will NOT touch the pate, or blended cat food. He has to have chunks. I also add a little water to his wet food to increase his water intake a bit. As for litter, he uses Tidy Cat scoopable. Kitson does not have any litter issues and is well trained.

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Shedding: Kitson DOES shed. Upon adopting him, we were told by our breeder that ragdolls do not shed, but this is not true. When I have spoken to other ragdoll owners, they confirmed that ragdolls indeed do shed. I swiffer once or twice a week and use the pledge sweeper on our couch, and there have not been any other problems. It is not excessive cat hair, but I just feel I should mention it in case you are under the impression that ragdolls don't shed. He has a very big tail! His hair is beautiful and the softest fur you will ever feel! He is knot-free too 🙂 I also have brushes that I can give you for him.

Adoption Fee: We are asking for $400 for Kitson because he is a purebred pedigree cat for which we paid $800 for. We thought this to be fair since he is just one year old and is still under his breeder's guarantee. However, it could be negotiated. I will draw up a contract for both of us once we discuss all the details and agree on all terms. Also, Kitson does not have scratching issues. The only time he ever scratched furniture was when we didn't have a scratching post for him (shame on us!) and he leaned up and kneaded the tip of our couch by where I sit. We then bought him a scratching post and put it right next to that spot on the couch, and now that is what he leans up and scratches all the time. It is against our contract with his breeder to declaw him or allow him to go outside due to his gentle and naive nature. Also, in some pictures, Kitson has a short haircut (a one time idea on our part). His long, soft fur is fully grown in again, beautiful as ever.

Age: 1 year
Sex: Male
Fee: $400 (negotiable)
Location: Brooklyn, New York

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