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Post Published on September 30, 2010 | Last Updated on September 30, 2010 by Jenny

2 purebred Ragdoll cat sisters need a new home filled with plenty of love as well as time and patience! These sealpoint girls are in good health, although they may need shots, if you are so inclined. They are well-behaved and have never had soiling issues. They are spayed, but still have their claws, and have never damaged furniture. They have been exposed to young children, but not any other animals. They are very sweet and do not scratch or bite. But they are also not exactly what you would call friendly. With a few exceptions, they avoid contact with most humans, especially strangers. One is dominant, very food-motivated, and somewhat more outgoing.

The other is a very scared kitty, wound up like a tight rubber band when you pick her up, and flinches when you pet her. They have both been this way since we got them at 3 months old from a vet/breeder in North Dakota for $500 each. They do have their moments- Nephthys (Neppy) will sometimes join us when we are watching TV and Isis (Icy) will flop around and chirp in my 12 year old’s room, often at night before she goes to bed. They both purr, Nephthys loudly, when you hold them or pet them, even though they will run off at the first opportunity. We find that for our busy family, they just don’t warrant the work involved in caring for them. $500 adoption fee for both, will include a litter box and scratching post (in need of recovering) their crate, 2 cat beds, bowls, multiple toys and any food and litter that we have on hand, as well as their papers (if I can find them). Must be willing to take both, as they have never lived apart, and to keep them indoors as they have never been allowed outside unsupervised.

Age: both 8 years old
Sex: both female
Fee: $500 for both, includes supplies
Location: Woodbury, MN
E-mail: organicone@comcast.net

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