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Ragdoll Rescue KansasGemma is a beautiful Blue Point Bicolor purebred Ragdoll. She is spayed and declawed. We are so sad to have to find another home for her. She was attached to my first husband before he was killed in an accident. She did fine until I remarried but now she has started marking inappropriately on our bathroom rugs. I can’t help but wonder if it has to do with having a different man in the house. Gemma would probably do better in a home with only 1 other cat and where there is not a lot of stress. We have put her on medicine and she wears a pherimone collar that helps a little. She weighs about 10 pounds and is kind of skinny for a ragdoll. Her eyes are crossed but she is amazing at catching flies. She loves to sit at the back door and watch the birds every morning but she has no interest in going outside. She doesn’t really like to sit on your lap. She would rather play. She will let you pet her but it has to be on her own terms. Her personality is more that of a watch dog. If there is something wrong she is the first one to let us know. We want her to go to a good home where she will be loved and taken care of and hopefully happier:) Oh and absolutely no dogs. She tried a sneak attack on a Black Mouth Cur one time. Luckily we caught her just as she jumped onto his head. She’s not afraid of anything!

Age: 2 years Born June 5, 2009
Sex: Female
Location: Chapman, KS
E-mail: tawnyafarwell@yahoo.com

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