Ragdoll Cat Adoption Dallas Texas: George – Ragdoll Rescue Dallas Texas

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Ragdoll Rescue TexasMasquerag Cordon Bleu (we call him George)

Age: 11 years old
Sex: Male
Fee: $200
Location: Dallas, TX.
E-mail: jtkuehn@gmail.com
Phone: 214-718-5936

George is a lovely Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll.  In his youth, he was a show cat.  We have only had George about a year and a half.  We are looking for another home for George because my husband developed asthma after we got him.  His doctor recommended getting rid George. George is neutered, does not spray and still has his claws.  He is strictly an inside cat who loves to snuggle and is quite a purr box.  He likes lying on the back of the couch and sleeping with me at night.  Believe it or not, he even comes when I call him for bedtime.  He likes to chase a feather toy and sharping his claws on corrigated cardboard scratchers. George gets along well with cat friendly dogs.  He prefers being the only cat in the household and will not share a litter box with another cat or tolerate a dirty box.  Multiple boxes are a good idea.  One oddity about George is he likes to lick and chew on plastic bags, so it's a good idea to keep those put away.  If he is doing something you don't like, he stops if you hiss at him.  The only doctor's visits (besides for shots, which are all up to date)  were for an in-grown claw, a recurring watery benign cyst that can easily be drained, and a sinus infection.  None of those are currently a problem.  George will come with food, a bed, scratching pads, litter boxes, brush and comb, and records.

Ragdoll Rescue Texas

Ragdoll Rescue Texas

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