Ragdoll Cat Adoption: Portland, OR Ragdoll Rescue

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Ragdoll Cats*********ADOPTED*****************

Here are two beautiful sisters, with unusual markings: a cream/blue and a seal/flame tortie. Adorable! They are amazingly mellow: perfect family cats.

I’m rehoming them due to new financial and living circumstances. I live in a very small studio apartment, and have an additional cat, and I just don’t have the money or space for them, heart-breaking as it is.

They are incredibly bonded, so they must go together. They love to groom each other and play together. Very entertaining. They love to sleep in their cat tree, and on the bed with you. They welcome you at the door and follow you around the house, rubbing your legs. They are great with kids. I have neighbor kids that love to hold and play with them, and they’ve never scratched or bitten. They like to be pet, brushed, and purr softly while sitting near you on the couch. They don’t really sit in your lap though. They have been indoor only up to this point, and it would probably be best to keep them that way, for safety’s sake, since they have no outdoor skills. Still, they LOVE to look out the window at the birds! They are very sweet girls, and I will miss them terribly. I want them only to go to a most loving home. Thank you! Please email with any questions!

Lizzie has the split nose, and Black Nose… well, she has the dark nose and freckles.

They are fixed and have had their shots.

Age: 2
Sex: Female
Fee: $200 for both
Location: Portland, OR

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