Ragdoll Cat Adoption: BLAZE – Ragdoll Rescue Orange County, California

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She is now a resident at Silverado Senior Center in San Juan Capistrano (http://www.silveradosenior.com/dementia_care/Orange_County_CA/zip_92675/silverado_senior_living/2569#) .

It’s a beautiful facility filled with animal lovers.  The therapy pets get the run of the place, including a very large (secure) outdoor courtyard / garden. They have several other cats and dogs living there too, and Blaze appears to get along fine with everyone so far . The human residents range in age from 55-97, and all suffer some form of dementia (predominantly Alzheimer’s).
The placement is on a trial basis, but when I visited her today Blaze was sitting in on a boardroom meeting, purring at the head of the table and eating up all the attention.  If it continues to go this well I really feel like this is a chance for Blaze to fulfill her unique life purpose as a therapy cat … we should all be so lucky!  😉


This absolutely breaks my heart, but we have no choice but to seek a new home for our very much beloved ragdoll cat, Blaze, because she now suffers from separation anxiety whenever we travel for more than a couple of days.

Blaze is a certified therapy cat (see www.deltasociety.org) due to her extremely affectionate nature; she regularly visits nursing homes and even helps children learn how to read.

She absolutely LOVES people and is tolerant of other animals (even dogs). She is very outgoing, and if she had her ideal home it would be with a person or family who are pretty much always around. She would also do well as a "house cat" at an assisted living facility.

She prefers to sleep with her owner, and pretty much never stops

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Blaze will be nine on November 7 this year, but still acts very much like a kitten and has no known health issues.

She is a purebred ragdoll and has been spayed. Her coat is fairly low maintenance (feels like bunny fur), but she does love to be brushed and even take showers with her owner. (She loves the blow dryer most of all!)

There is no cost to the new owner (except for any applicable shipping costs — I don’t mind driving or flying with her for the right home), but you must agree to notify me if things don’t work out so we can try again. Blaze truly deserves the best forever home we can find.

Please call or email Kate for more details.


Age: eight
Sex: female
Fee: $75 plus shipping if applicable
Location: Orange County, California

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