****ADOPTED*** Ragdoll Cat Adoption: Allie – Ragdoll Rescue

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Blue Lynx Ragdoll Cat****ADOPTED***

she is a blue lynx, mitted paws Ragdoll cat! I got
Allie when she was 4 weeks from a breeder in
E. Hampston, Ct. She has beautiful blue eyes. I need to find her a home because I now have allergies as well as my children and grandkids who can’t visit me because of her! I do have pictures of her on my FB page,,you can befriend me at
BirdieCarrieraDeRosa. I know it will be hard to place an 11 year old, but I don’t know what else to do unless I have her put to sleep which would be terrible.
Thank you for getting back to me!

Age: 11, she will be 12 in November.
Sex: Female

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