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Ragdoll Lilac point  mitted with a blazePrincess Sugar is a loving and affectionate Purebred Lilac point /mitted with a blaze. She was adopted 3 weeks ago in hopes of keeping my current ragdoll company..but the 2 aren’t meshing well. She needs to go to a home where she is the Queen Bee.

Age: 11 months
Sex: Female
Fee: $400.00
Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia
E-mail: kekkiez@gmail.com
Phone: 604-391-0011

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Ragdoll Cat Adoption Chilliwack, British Columbia
Ragdoll Cat Adoption Chilliwack, British ColumbiaRagdoll Rescue Chilliwack, British Columbia
Ragdoll Cat Adoption Chilliwack, British Columbia

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