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Ragdoll Rescue Alberta Canada

Kirby has been adopted!

Kirby is a handsome, loving, 3 year old Lilac Point Mink Ragdoll and he needs a furrever family! He is a purebred ragdoll and comes with TICA(International Cat Association) certified pedigree and registration. Right now he lives with us in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His future family must be willing to drive here to pick him up, we will not put him through the trauma of being on an airplane.

About six months ago we rescued this wonderful guy to get him out of a bad situation. We are heartbroken that we are unable to keep him. Our older cat just refuses to get along with him which makes them both unhappy. We’ve done plenty of research and tried everything under the sun. We had hoped that with patience and taking it slowly things would get better but they have not. We love him to pieces but know that he could be happier elsewhere.

Kirby had a rough start to life but has come a long way! He is still shy with strangers but once he gets to know you he is a non stop purring machine and lives for snuggles. It only took him about a week to warm up to us. He really will make the perfect pet for the right family.

We would like to be 100% upfront and honest about him. He is a wonderful boy with many adorable qualities but also some quirks! Here they are:

The quirks:
1. He’s got plenty of cattitude and is very vocal around supper time!
2. He can tend to play pretty rough with other pets so he wouldn’t be a good fit for a home with a timid dog or cat or small children.
3. He does occasionally “love bite”, but its not very hard and never breaks skin. We also have some good tips for deterring him from doing this!
4. He’s also very particular with his litter box, he requires two, one for #1 and one for #2. His litter requires daily emptying otherwise he will let you know how displeased he is with his dirty litter by going to the bathroom on your furniture. If you are unwilling to work on this with him please don’t inquire about him.
5. He LOVES food, human food, dog food, garbage, it’s all good to him, so please be mindful of dishes left out or eating at his level.
6. He’ll steal food right off your plate if he gets the chance!
7. He also likes to gnaw on plastic so it’s important for his future home to not leave small objects lying around that he could choke on.

The adorable:
1. He is super affectionate and loves to sit on laps
2. Once he gets to know you he loves giving kisses
3. He is extremely handsome and has the softest fluffy coat!
4. If you are busy doing something he will happily sit and purr while watching you.
5. He is your typical ragdoll, he often flops to the ground and rolls on his back purring.
6. He also goes limp like a ragdoll when you pick him up.
7. He is very docile and will let you do pretty much whatever you’d like to him(roll him around, brush him, clip his nails, give him a waterless bath). As long as you’re touching him he’s happy!
8. He’s extremely smart, sometimes too smart!
9. He can be very playful and when he’s in that mode he behaves just like a kitten, it’s really cute!
10. He has this extremely cute habit: If his water dish is half full he’ll use his paw to drink it! Here is a video of him doing that on youtube:

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We will provide his furrever family with his:
1. Vaccination records (All of his vaccinations are up to date)
2. Blood work records(we had pre-anesthetic blood work run before he was neutered)
3. 2 Litter Boxes
4. 2 Food bowls
5. Toys
6. Treats
7. His Christmas Stocking
8. He is currently being fed Go! Natural Chicken/Turkey/Duck dry food and we would like him to stay on this or a food of equal quality. We will provide you with a weeks worth to get you started.


Please visit the website we created for him if you are interested! There is an adoption form for him on the contact page.
Here is his website:

We are in no rush to rehome him and will keep him until the perfect family comes along for him. We care deeply about him and will provide his future home with as much support and tips as possible. Also, we would like to do a two month trial period. If at any point during the two months you feel he isn’t the right fit for your family you can bring him back to us and we’ll provide you with a refund. His happiness is what matters most to us. We’d like to stay in contact with his future family, maybe hear how he’s doing once or twice a year. In addition, his future family MUST agree to keep him as an indoor cat only, he is not built for the outdoors!

Age: 3
Sex: Neutered male
Fee: $200
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
E-mail: mittenz69@gmail.com

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