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Ragdoll Cat AdoptionGorgeous Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat

Age: age 2 Just turned on 10/4
Sex: Male
Fee: $100
Location: Lambertville, MI (Close to Toledo, OH)
E-mail: jfuleky@bex.net
Phone: 4192605225

I have a gorgeous blue colorpoint ragdoll that needs a warm loving home. He just turned 2 on 10/4/10. We have a large puppy that wants to have the kitty in her mouth all the time. Simply put, our ragdoll is stressed. He then gets an inflammed bladder (there is a name for it) and takes meds to control the spasms. He has been through every testing, xrays, ultrasounds, meds to make sure there is nothing else causing the inflammation. He was strickly an indoor kitty, but the vet has recommended "outdoor time" to be away from the dog. He loves it outside (catching bugs and jumping on anything that moves).

blue colorpoint ragdoll He will wake you up in the morning, lay on your chest, lick under your chin and purr until you get up. He is very affectionate and is hoping to find a home with no canines. He would probably adjust to another kitty as he likes to play and pounce on the dog. He is used to children, I have 3. He is neutered and will come with his tall cat tower (paid $150), pet carrier (paid $25), scratching post (paid $20),toys, and all vet papers. I live in Lambertville, MI which is close to Toledo, OH. Paid $600 for him, his rehoming fee is $200 to ensure he goes to a good home. I can send you more pictures if you wish. You can call or text me.

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blue colorpoint ragdoll

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