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Ragdoll Cat Adoption: Bella - Ragdoll RescueWe’re looking for a loving home for our 4 yr. old female. She cannot go to a home with dogs, as that is our problem. We love her, but she on the other hand does not love our dog. She marks anywhere the dog has been, dog beds, couch, our bed, anywhere. She truly is a sweetheart and she deserves a wonderful home. I’ve resorted to putting her downstairs for now as I refuse to send her to any type of shelter. She has a roof over her head, food, water and love but it’s not the way I want her to live. I have to stop being selfish and find someone else that can give her a better home. Ideally we would like to meet the new owners so I feel a bit more comfortable. I’m not looking for any adoption fee what so ever, just a loving home that she will get the attention she deserves. Please contact me with ANY questions. Thank you.

Age: 4 Years Old
Sex: Female
Fee: None
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
E-mail: hobbywobby@yahoo.com
Phone: 816-258-1648

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