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Senior Ragdoll Rescue***ADOPTED***  Beaumont is a beautiful, medium-long haired Seal Point Ragdoll who has china blue eyes and a VERY sweet, floppy personality. He tolerates my 2 young children well, never bites or scratches them, even when they pile up on him.

Due to changes in my family circumstances, my children and I have to move into to a "pet-free" apartment on July 31st, and, sadly, I need to find a new home for my beautiful, lovable Ragdoll cat. The local shelter says they would euthanize him, even though he is healthy and very adoptable, just because he is 13 years old. I can’t bear that thought. I have had this kitty (and his blue point brother, Ambrose) since they were both 12 week old kittens. Giving them up is very hard, but they deserve a good home, not a shelter life.

I hope someone reads this and can adopt them, or even just "foster" them while I work to find a long-term home.

The situation is VERY URGENT because my move date is July 31st!

Age: 13
Sex: Male – neutered
Fee: $10

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