***ADOPTED***Ragdoll Cat Adoption Austin, Texas: Thomas – Ragdoll Rescue Austin, Texas

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Ragdoll Cat Rescue Austin, Texas***ADOPTED***

Thomas is a 3 yr. old ragdoll born 9/29/2009. He is a male, Blue Point Mitted with a blaze. His coat is soft and so easy to care for. He doesn't mind getting his nails trimmed either. His nature is very gentle, follows me everywhere, friendly, and likes to play. He likes children and other cats. I don't know about dogs because he hasn't been around them, but I don't think it would be a problem. He's quite confident and outgoing.

He has no litter problems or food problems. He's healthy and TICA registered. I have all his vet records and documentation.
Please help us find a good home for him. We need to be in Japan the beginning of January, 2013. We think it's best not to put him through the long travel and we won't have a permanent place to live for awhile there. Thank you for your consideration.

Age: 4 years
Sex: male
Location: Austin, Texas

Ragdoll Cat Rescue Austin, Texas

Ragdoll Cat Rescue Austin, Texas

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Ragdoll Cat Rescue Austin, Texas

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