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Senior Ragdoll Rescue***ADOPTED***  Ambrose is healthy, Blue Point Ragdoll with light blue (slightly crossed) eyes. He is a purebred, but has shorter hair and "talks" like a Siamese. He is very friendly and affectionate, especially with adults (but he prefers attention on his own terms).

I have to re-home both Ambrose and his brother Beaumont, because circumstances are forcing me to move to a "no pets" apartment at the end of this week. I have tried all the local pet rescues and shelters – the only place that would take him (the Humane Society) would euthanize him based on his age alone. That seems SO drastic for a healthy, indoor cat that can live a LONG time, as Ragdolls can. I have had both kitties since they were 12 weeks old, and this is very difficult for me.

This situation is URGENT, as my move date is July 31st! I really hope someone will read this, and consider adopting this wonderful cat, and if possible his brother, too. Even if you could just foster them for a while, and give me a chance to find them a long-term home, that would be appreciated.

Age: 13
Sex: Male – neutered
Fee: $10
Location: Bellingham, WA

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