Ragdoll Breeder Tennessee: Center Hill Ragdolls

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Center Hill Ragdolls

Dowelltown, Tennessee – home of beautiful Center Hill Lake

Ragdoll Breeder Tennessee Center Hill Ragdolls 1
Oliver – Traditional Seal Van Bicolor, Altered Pet

Our mission to provide happy, healthy, well-socialized and affectionate Ragdolls to safe, loving, nurturing, lifelong homes.

Ragdoll Breeder Tennessee Center Hill Ragdolls 2
Sir Ringo (King) – Traditional Seal Bicolor

Center Hill Ragdolls is a TICA (#34319, CENTERHILLRAGS) and CFA (#302827, CENTERHILLRD) registered cattery in Middle Tennessee. Run by a mother-daughter team, Center Hill Ragdolls is an in-home cattery with a small Ragdoll family. In the late 1990s, after years of rescuing and rehoming cats (and occasional dogs), an abandoned Ragdoll was sent our way. He was in rough shape, but we nursed the gorgeous boy back to health and eventually adopted him out to a wonderful family. That experience really opened our eyes to the Ragdoll breed and, when the time was right (fast-forward 10 years), we decided to take the plunge and raise Ragdolls ourselves. We wanted other families to have the experience of living with and loving this amazing breed!

Ragdoll Breeder Tennessee Center Hill Ragdolls 5
Georgi Mae (Queen) – Traditional Blue Mitted

Joannie (mom) is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Reiki Master. Her focus in holistic health is a great asset in the daily care of our Ragdoll cats and kittens. Shelli (daughter) has a BS degree in Exercise Science and Wellness and has an ongoing interest in Ragdoll genetics – breeding for quality over quantity. Working together, there is little time when the Ragdolls are alone, another important goal for mom and daughter. Ragdolls are very social; the more time they spend with their humans and/or caretakers prior to adoption, and engaging in play with littermates & Ragdoll family, the better socialized they will be. This is one of the main reasons we never cage our cats or isolate any of them for extended periods of time. A stressed or depressed cat is an unhealthy cat.

Ragdoll Breeder Tennessee Center Hill Ragdolls 7
Georgi Mae with first litter of Traditional Ragdoll Kittens

Providing a safe, healthy, stress-free, and loving environment for all of our Ragdolls – kittens and adult cats – is our top priority. All of our breeding cats are DNA tested through UC Davis Veterinary Genetic Laboratory (VGL) and are HCM negative. Furthermore, all cats are FIV/FeLV negative. Our cattery keeps a regular flea maintenance schedule and vaccination/deworming regimen. All Ragdolls are fed a high-quality diet: Our main food is Nulo brand wet and dry. However, we supplement with Ziwi Peak and Open Farm brands. We choose these foods due to their high protein content, use of probiotics, and refusal to include grains and harmful fillers. Our kittens begin weaning around 5 weeks onto dry Nulo kibble with a small amount of Nulo wet paté. Our Ragdolls love high-quality treats as well! We use and recommend single-ingredient Whole Life, Walk About, and Northwest Naturals treats.

Georgi Mae with first litter of Traditional Ragdoll Kittens
Traditional Blue Bicolor Kitten – Male, 10 weeks

We currently breed Traditional Ragdolls in Seal, Blue, Flame and Tortie colors. Possible patterns, depending on Queen matched with our King, include Pointed, Bicolor, and Mitted Ragdolls. Beginning Summer of 2020, we have two younger Queens that will begin breeding. One of the new Queens is a Chocolate Point Mitted Sepia Ragdoll, and one is a Seal Point Mink Ragdoll. With our King, the Sepia Queen will be able to produce all point colors – with the exception of Red/Flame and Cream – including rare Cinnamon Ragdolls! All kittens produced by this Sepia Queen will be Mink Ragdolls. The Mink Queen will be able to produce Seal and Blue point colors, and her kittens will average half Traditional and half Mink Ragdolls. We are excited to add these two beauties to our program!

Ragdoll Breeder Tennessee Center Hill Ragdolls 8
Evi Jane (Future Queen) – Sepia Chocolate Mitted

If you are thinking about adding a Ragdoll (or two) to your family, we would be honored to be considered! There are many great online resources – including Floppycats – that can help you learn about the breed, and we strongly encourage you to do some research prior to adopting your new furry family member. Whether you choose to adopt from our cattery or not (our location may not be convenient for you), we will happily answer any questions you may have about the breed, the adoption process, or what you can expect as a future Ragdoll lover!

Ragdoll Breeder Tennessee Center Hill Ragdolls 4
Pauli Jo (Queen) – Traditional Seal Mitted

For more information about our cats, kittens, and cattery, please visit our website:

Shelli Williams and Joannie Williams

Ragdoll Breeder Tennessee Center Hill Ragdolls 3
Alani Rose (Queen) – Traditional Flame Point

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3 thoughts on “Ragdoll Breeder Tennessee: Center Hill Ragdolls

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Fabulous & pawesome breeder post & info, Jenny & Center Hill Ragdolls! TYSVM for offering this opportunity to the many Ragdoll breeders out there, Jenny honey! 🙂 <3

    Center Hill Ragdolls, wonderful explanation of your cattery and why you do what you do! Absolutely STUNNING pics!!! Wishing you and your kittehs all the very best and much success with getting your gorgeous kittehs in their true furever homes with their true furever families! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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